May 17, 2011

The Allure Of Time.

Lately, I have been thinking a great deal about the relativity of time.

A few years back I wrote a post related to this issue and recently I returned to it, re-reading the thoughts of my younger self, wondering whether the same sentiments still occupy my contemplation.
I have realized that although basically my views are still the same, my affection for and my perception of time has certainly shifted.

When I wrote that piece, just a year prior I ended a prodigal and trying period of my life. I felt terribly derelict, as I indeed failed on so many levels in my life and was left drained, disillusioned and feeling very old. Today of course I look back at that time with wiser eyes and a tranquil mind. It no longer feels like a failure, but rather a vital experience that was essential in shaping me into who I am.

I have realized that much of my younger years were spent in the waiting line. For as long as I recall, I always waited for something or someone.
Something to come my way, something to resolve, something to come true, something to at last occur. Someone to finally see me. Want me. To find me.

Months turned into years and time became my enemy. It felt wasted and it moved slowly, lacking in progress, draining my energy. I felt paralyzed and disillusioned as none of what I expected and dreamed about came to pass. A sense of panic kept rising within me constantly, while I wondered whether I simply expected too much or whether I was on the wrong path, one that was leading nowhere.

I guess wisdom came to me with age.
I realized in my maturity that stepping out into the unknown was the key to unlocking the allure of time. To completely give into and surrender to ones feelings, to trust ones instincts and to remain completely honest  - with oneself and others - without fear. To never shun away from making changes, however challenging they appear.
To take a true leap of faith.
Good things can indeed come to us even late in the game. Our age certainly does not limit our possibilities nor lower our capabilities.

Within the last eight months I have experienced more than I ever had in the course of several years in my past, even in my youth. I have had the privilege to encounter life's altering events and have felt a plethora of emotions, within a broad spectra; anything from exhilarating happiness to tragic sadness.
Time has been completely redefined in my perception.
An hour has today the potential to bring about incredible progress. The term "What a difference a day makes" has never rang more true in my ears. The realization that life can change so much in a blink of an eye has shifted the way I live.

Today I know that we are the true masterminds of our time.
Despite the fact that we indeed hold very little control over our future, we still have the power to shift the direction of our present.

Time is the greatest gift we have been given and its allure is endless if we only seize each and every day, like it is our last.
I am glad that I stepped out of the waiting line.

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Elizabeth said...

Perfect post Zuzana. Thanks!!!!

Birdie said...

Oh, how true, how true. I wonder if "waiting in line" is something we are just meant to do. It feels so great to step out. I was having a similar conversation with my girlfriends about a month back. We have been friends for over 35 years so we all know each other very well. We all came to the agreement that we just love ourselves where we are at and pretty much very content (big sigh content) with our lives. Sure, a lot of things went sideways, some of us are divorced, some have been single for a very long time, one of us has been trying to have a baby and at 40 she is sad that her clock is running down. But, at the end of the day, despite the bad things that have happened we are all OK with the way things are. It feels so good to take a deep breath and know that though all may not be right with the world, we feel right about ourselves.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful post. I am still waiting for things to fall in place. May be I should move on.

Colleen said...

Wow, this spoke to me Zuzana...what wisdom you have and share, the source of which is of course your varied and vast experience in life. It can't be attained otherwise. I feel I am often waiting for something and don't want to, I want to live this moment and day for the preciousness it is but it is so hard to really do. My own blog is called "Carpe Diem" not because I manage to succeed at it but because it is my goal...I long to get there.

Thank you for sharing these thoughts today.

Brian Miller said...

incredible post zuzana...and so true...each moment is filled with limitless possibilities and we have the power to change those moments with the decisions we is to living life to the full!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Energizing thoughts and words...

So happy to have you sounding, in a happier place.


Ash said...

Zuz dear! That was such an amazing post. I can so relate to this. When I was without a job for a while, I used to feel really useless and wasted. Everyday I used to get up and hope for some miracle!

I've told you before and I'll you again - I just LOVE your blog!

Claus said...

So profound! :-O Yet so thought-provoking. Indeed, there is a time when we - probably ALL of us - expect, and expect and expect for things to happen and come our way in a magical way. I should know a thing or two about that. And when they don't come at all, let alone in the magical way we were expecting, there is great chance of changing paths and instead of being hopeful, one becomes desperate, very sad.
I am glad you are looking at time and at life itself with new eyes, and viewing your experiences - whatever kind they were - as lessons. I learned to see life like that at a very young age, and believe that while I lack a lot of of things {romantic love, a lot of courage, bravery...} I know there is much more to life. Days are becoming short periods of time, actually!, which can only mean I am enjoying my every day, right? At least I like to think so :o)
Happiness and encouraging thoughts your way my friend!!

Bossy Betty said...

I have to tell you how much I missed your posts while you were away! You have such a beautiful, insightful tone that I admire so much. Your journey through life continues and I love that you take every opportunity to examine it and that you take us with you too,

Sia Jane said...

Beautiful :)

Margie said...

So loved this post, dear Zuzana.
So beautifully expressed!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
You are on every wise and smart lady!

*Time is the greatest gift we have been given and its allure is endless if we only seize each and every day, like it is our last.
I am glad that I stepped out of the waiting line.

Especially love those words!

Have a wonderful day!

Margie xo

sprinkles said...

We are alike in so many ways. I used to play the waiting game too. I always stood on the sidelines, waiting for life to come to me. Only it never did, the world just passed me by as I watched.

I'd like to think that going to school has helped to change that a bit. I'm actually taking initiative for once and an excited to see where it takes me.

Betsy Brock said...

Each day is a brand new day! It will not wait for anyone!

Julie Hibbard said...

I wrote a very similar blog post last night! Amazing the similarities in our lives and in our thinking...
We are connected in many ways!
Hope you're well, my friend!

Hilary said...

Nicely expressed, my dear friend. I can relate to that feeling of waiting in line.

I'm glad you're doing better. :)

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I oftentimes wonder what makes us THINK we MUST stay in the waiting line? I SO want to step out of line...MUST we always follow rules set up by others? I think not.

Very wise post Zuzana. Time truly IS a gift.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

It seems that I have also been waiting on something for a long time. There is definitely something to be said for seizing the day. The older I get the more I want to accomplish!

Amanda Summer said...

yet another movingly philosophical post with deep and powerful insights.

i, too, feel as though i've spent my younger years waiting in line.......and it feels as if i was waiting for someone to validate me. how refreshing to realize that this isn't necessary any more........but passing through those difficult periods is the path which reveals these insights.

always a pleasure to visit your corner of the world, dear zuzana. i learn something new each time♡

sending love,


SandyCarlson said...

So true. I think wisdom is the peace and grace that come with age and a longer view. You are great.

A Plain Observer said...

I have spent much of my time in the same way waiting in line, waiting to be wanted, waiting to be loved, waiting to be told I am wanted. Sadly, not much has changed. Perhaps one change I see is that now I am proactive and I don't hold back in telling someone I want to see you, I miss you. let's get together. But I still wait and hope to be wanted

Unknown said...

Beautifully said, Zuzana! lol! : )

Anonymous said...

Such elegant and true words of wisdom, especially where you point out that we can shift the direction of our present...

A Lady's Life said...

Very true Zuzana!
I think every one of us comes to the point where we need to take a leap in faith, believe or trust in something or someone.
The first leap is the hardest but as you learn that you survive, if need be, the second leap is easier. lol
And the third... is a breeze.
Like one parent said the first child you shake over. The second you worry but not so much and the third, well you are an expert.
It;s no bother at

Reading Tea Leaves said...

So very true ... time is ever elusive ... but we have the power to make the most of every minute of every day .... with all its possibilities.

You sound energised and hopeful Zuzana. It is a gift to see the 'bigger picture'. Your philosophy is an inspiration.


Unknown said...

beautifully written my friend. your clock tower is just like the one we have here in Lowell. have a great week!!

adrielleroyale said...

I'm afraid I still have one foot in the waiting line and one in the go line....

Anonymous said...

Time is a funny thing, our friend and our enemy. but either way, we need to learn to get along with it,

S. Susan Deborah said...

Zuzana, glad that the years are unfolding many things to you. One has to be aware and keen to observe these aspects of life and I am happy that you are an avid observer and reflect on many levels.

Again, a very intimate and heartfelt post, which I so enjoyed reading and thinking.

Joy always,

Zuzana said...

Elizabeth, Birdie, Rajesh, Colleen, Brian, Amelia, Ash, Claudia, Betty, Sia Jane (welcome), Margie, sprinkles, Betsy, Julie, Hilary, Jill, C or V, Amanda Sandy, Myriam, Michael, ladyfi, Lady, Jeanne, Doreen, adrielle, Richard and Susan – thank you so much for sharing with me your own sentiments about time and its relativity.

I guess we all feel the effects of the tides of time and we all have the power to decide how to use it. To use it wisely is not always easy, but I have found out that to live fully is to not wait around for events to find us, but rather seize every single moment for what it is, not what we would like it to be.

I always enjoy all your visits and I appreciate that you take the time to read even my longer and philosophical posts and comment with so much substance and integrity.
Thank you all.