January 10, 2011

The Age Of Aquarius.

I have always found astrology interesting, even though I view it more as an enthralling assumption than a credulous fact. I read my horoscope with amusement and I do not believe that my entire personality or my life are tailored by my zodiac sign. Nor am I convinced that star charts can predict my fate.

Likewise I do not pay attention to my suggested astrological matches or advice when it comes to love or personal success, as I simply believe that in these departments we are the true creators of our own destiny.

I do however pay attention to the bigger picture, to the hidden and to messages conveyed by the mysterious world. Whether this can be seen in the stars, in the moon, in the alignment of planets or whether it is infinitely something covertly perceived by our sixth sense - I find this information nevertheless vital.

As a scientist I am a logical being, but as a woman I am perceptive and intuitive, spiritual, creative and sensitive. Coincidence or not, those happen to actually be the main attributes of my sign, the sign of Cancer.

Recently an enigmatic Aquarius has entered my life through a series of intriguing coincidences. Trusting my perception, I can not help but feel that our meeting will most certainly impact my future in a prominent way. In my past I have come across people belonging to almost every astrological sign of the zodiac, yet I have never before met a Water Bearer.
I find this encounter furthermore infinitely significant for one other reason -  ever since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated by the rule of The Age Of Aquarius.

Just the very term itself rings so powerful in my ears and brings me back to my youth and the undying melodies from the movie musical Hair. After watching it I was left endlessly enticed and never forgot those very catching and poetic lines or the wonderful harmonies of "The Age Of Aquarius", composed by "The Fifth Dimension":

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius...

I later learned that those lyrics are poetic license that took quite a liberty when it comes to the scarcity of the moon being in the Seventh House and the alignments of planets - nevertheless, it was after hearing these words sang to that unforgettable melody that my interest for the Age Of Aquarius was born.

Each astrological sign is linked to an Astrological Age - the interesting part is that no one really knows when an age begins or ends. It is suggested though that these ages are directed by the absolute cardinal cycle of our world, the so called Procession Of The Equinoxes, which can span a period of about 25 920 years. This stellar cycle is then divided into twelve astrological ages of the zodiac, meaning that each age is on average about 2150 years long.

Some astrologists believe that currently we are still in The Age Of The Pisces, an age that was suggested to have started during the Roman Empire, at the end of The Age Of Aries, a militant period in our past.
Others though think we have already entered The Age Of Aquarius. And eventually there are those who believe that this age will commence in 2012, coinciding with the end of the Mayan Calender, supporting the "end of the world" and cataclysmic "dooms day" prophecies.

What unifies all beliefs is the definition of this enticing age.
Aquarius is an eminently revolutionary sign, signifying renewal and knowledge. Sometimes called The Golden Age, it instigates a sense of spirituality and progress, a type of awakening of humankind. As Aquarius traditionally rules electricity, this age is defined by scientific discoveries, enlightenment and in many aspects a rebirth of our consciousness, bringing us into a more advanced age in time. Thus it is often linked to the New Age movement that is signified by emphasizing the link between mind, body and spirit.

Whether we are in the Age Of Aquarius or whether we are in a transition between ages, it is obvious that our world is marked by essential changes. The undying optimist and romantic within me likes to believe that we are moving towards an enlightened future. To me 2012 might end the world as we know it, but not by destruction of apocalyptic measures, but rather a transition that greets the dawn of the age of light.

Symbolically, I am hoping that the sudden presence of a beautiful and enticing Aquarius in my own life signifies a pre dawn of my own personal golden age.


Elizabeth said...

In nature the animal cannot live without water!!!!

Lynne said...

An interesting read Zuzana. I hadn't realised those ages lasted so long. I suppose they are a drop in the ocean for the universe.
My daughter's sign is Cancer, she's very creative and sensitive.
I wish you well with your new relationship.

adrielleroyale said...

A very interesting read...once again you and I seem to be connected somehow as I too have a good feeling about the upcoming year(s). Not necessarily having to do with the man in my life, but rather with my financial future. I'm not sure what exactly is going to happen, but I am very optimistic! So here's to us and our golden age! Blessings, my friend! :)

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Thank you for your insights. I'm not one to take my horoscope seriously but some days it is a much needed diversion! Have a wonderful week! Cathy

Unknown said...

Very interesting post Zuzana and I, too, wish you much success with the new person in your life, whether a golden age or not.

Claus said...

I saw a documentary (I love documentaries!) about the Age of Aquarius, and how that was the reason why Jesus is associated with a fish symbol. This age, as you wrote, is to end in December 2012 as the Mayan, and now apparently other civilizations, predicted, meaning not the end of the world, but a series of important changes. No one knows exactly about the future, and all these predictions, but the associations are rather intriguing and interesting. Not the catastrophic ones, of course! ;o)
Horoscopes are not something I am a followers of. As I said earlier, I don't believe anyone human knows exactly about the future. But I do love to read the Chinese descriptions of signs and years. They are rather accurate! :o)
Interesting topic Zuzana!!
have a lovely day!

Brian Miller said...

intriguing stuff..and i too look for the themes in life...and yours sounds like it is in a very positive transition...smiles.

Hilary said...

I like the way you interpret this. You with your scientific mind.. but never more so than your romantic edge. I wish you much happiness, my friend. :)

S. Susan Deborah said...


Good news! Wow! Glad that Aquarius is casting its spell on you :) I wish you the best. It was quite intriguing to know about the different Ages, though I am not very sure of them. Whatever said and done, I am happy that an Aquarius' entry in your life will give you golden moments, silver moonshines and lots of joy.

Much love and joy,

Sukanya said...

Another informative post Zuzana. And guess what, my zodiac is Cancer too :) I wish you well with your relationship with the water-bearer.

Take care, my friend.


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhhhh lovely! A hint, as to why January has been so wonderful, so far, for you!

-big smile-

-clapping hands-

Happy wishes!!!

Gentle hugs...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

And thank you for taking the time to comment on my recent blog entry.

Gentle hugs...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Zuzana - you write the most wonderful posts! This is all so fascinating!

Myrna R. said...

I so much enjoyed reading your post today. I have the same premonitions about 2012 - a time of growing awareness, of change. I love the song. It holds great memories for me. And as for the change in your life - how wonderful. May it prove to enhance your life in every realm!

Donna said...

Very informative and facinating post, Zuzana ~ and I've enjoyed reading all your comments too. I, myself, am Aquairus. Wishing you the best with your new relationship.


Kath said...

How very interesting and How exciting to be developing a new relationship.
My son is a Cancerian, who feels things deepy and is an artistic free-spirit.
I wish you all good things in this new Age.

Ines said...

Hi, dear Zuzana-

thank you for your visit! Don´t be worry- I know that- I had a blogpause for many months and in the moment I am a little bit refreshed and able to look around- enjoy and comment...

I added your blog to my blogroll- I hope, that is ok! It is so warm and inviting here- I don´t wanna miss your next posts :-)

This one is really speacial. I like your way to think ...

Enjoy this evening-

hugs- Ines

sprinkles said...

So when are we going to hear a little bit more about this mysterious Mr. Aquarious?

I'm the same way about astrology - it intrigues me but I don't know how much of it I really believe.

SandyCarlson said...

I share Hilary's perspective. I hope your Aquarian proves to be a good and a worthy friend.

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely melodic song.
I'm a taurus.
So i think that about 6 thousand years from now, tress will talk and bulls will dominate the planet. ha ha.
I'm just kidding

Lulda Casadaga said...

Happy New Years my friend...and I'm sure we'll still all be around come 2011! :D
I'm a Pisces with Leo rising...I have a strong affinity with Gemini men for some reason. But I did spend some time with a Taurus and 17yrs with a Sagittarian!
Anyway, good luck with the Water Bearer. ;) p.s. love that song!! and of course HAIR!

Sandi McBride said...

You always have such a subtle way of putting things, such a way with words, now I am not sure whether you do or do not believe in signs of the zodiac lol! Being a Capricorn married to an Aquarian, things have worked out well between this earth sign and the water sign. I too want to hear more about the mysterious new fella!

Bhushavali said...

Astrology is interesting but at times it scares me though!!! :)
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laoi gaul~williams said...

ahhh blessings for you and your Aquarian (i too am an Aquarian :) )

i am another soul who can only see positive things about 21/2012~i feel a positive outward explosion of spirituality,positivity and a greater swing towards a much more gentle world.

Ines said...

Hi, Dear-

I just saw your comment on my artblog.

Here you can enjoy that song:


I love Schiller- they make fantastic music...

Those little fairies are here from:


It´s better for a blog to take free avatars or own photos...

So enjoy that day- I get my ariespower to clean a lot of windows in the house ... I think today the stars give me power :-)

Hugs, Ines♥

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and informative...I learned a lot.
The music from "Hair" takes me back to my youth, too. Great songs.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

My dear Zuzana,

After EVERY visit I am left with questions, thoughts, dreams. Provocative and wonderful words.

Thank you for this,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Anonymous said...

I'm a Saggie myself. Bring on that Golden Age... I'm ready for it! I too enjoy zodiac signs and use their personality traits as guidelines.
Lord Thomas of Wellington

Unknown said...

Zuzana: As you know, I'm not into Astrology either. But a friend of mine who is a musician opened for the current lineup of "The Fifth Dimension" a couple of years ago. Marilyn remains one of the best female voices I have ever heard. They are a group for all time and I enjoyed your comments and the video! xoxo!:)

Rajesh said...

The astrological signs always interested me. Especially I was interested in college days. But as I am growing, I am not a regular reader.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Very interesting-- I learned a lot. Thanks.
xo jj

Bhushavali said...

Hey Zuzana, My blog just touched the 100th post and its dedicated to all your great support & appreciation!!!
My 100th post - Dedicated to all

Sareezfashions said...

Nice article.. Love all the pics also...

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Foxglove said...

I have been so intrigue reading your post tonight. Lately I have come across so many stories and books talking about the age to come the transition into a new era. No one really is certain what will happen, but I can not deny that there is a change taking place in my experiences.

Have a glorious week Zuzana, I am so delighted to have found your wondrous space.

Unknown said...

I hope you are right about your personal golden age and I hope your optimism catches on. There is a Tarot card called "The Tower" it shows a rather frightening picture of a tower coming apart, yet it is a good card, it reminds us that sometimes we have to tear something down to make room for something new.

Unknown said...
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Cat in the road said...

As participants of the human race we all seek ways to find answers to questions that plague us.
Sometimes those answers come from the most bizarre places.
As a logical man I’ve come across some solutions that just can’t be chalked off to coincidence.
An open mind to the wonderment of possibilities is the greatest stimulus in the world.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your Stylish Blogger Award! A well deserved one I might add! :) Lord Thomas of Wellington

SandyCarlson said...

You are one wonderful blogger. Good to be back.

A Plain Observer said...

I look forward to a "transition that greets the dawn of the age of light" or anything that brings light into our lives.
I am gemini...what does that tell you?
I used to follow the zodiac because my mother is a strong follower of it, but in the last decade, I lost much faith and interest in it.
I did, however, meet an Aquarius that made a very significant impact in my life like no one else.

Zuzana said...

Elizabeth, Lynne, adrielle, Cathy, GS, Claudia, Brian, Hilary, Susan, Sukanya, Amelia, Zuzu, Myrna, Donna, Kath, Ines, sprinkles, Sandy, artswebshow, Lulda, Sandi, Bhushavali, laoi, LadyCat, Sharon, The Bach, Michael, Rajesh, Joanna, Sareezfashions (welcome), Foxglove, Kat, Scribe and Myrna – thank you everyone for as always very candid and substantial comments. I am glad that you find the subject of the Age of Aquarius intriguing. The idea of our world being guided through the mysterious will always be of interest to me as I believe that not everything can be explained by the laws of science.

It made me smile that most of you paid a lot of attention to my meeting with an Aquarius - and that everyone assumed it to be a man.;))

As always – your kind visits and words are so much appreciated – thank you so much for your time.


A Lady's Life said...

Water being one of the 4 elements, is indeed healing and soft of nature.
So it may be that people are all realizing that we need to change our ways of thinking and being.

My son is an Aquarian and he is of a soft nature.Very lax which means he needs a strong woman behind him lol

He is a good man and if all aquarians are like him, then this, in my opinion, would not be a bad. thing.:)

steviewren said...

I went to a Fifth Dimension concert way back when and I had that album and loved every song on it.

As to your own personal Aquarius, good luck. I hope this is the dawning of a wonderful time for you.

Baron's Life said...

An excellent post again Zuzana,,,where do you get all this stuff. You must be mystic. BTW, Did you hear on the news today about the new Zodiac Calendar...somebody is trying to throw a monkey wrench into an ageless tradition of fortune telling

Unknown said...

fantastic post! but all these years I have been a Leo and now overnight, I am a Cancer. with that, hopefully a new person will emerge. lol

best to you on your new exciting adventure in life.

Zuzana said...

Lady, Stevie, Baron and Doreen, thank you for your great comments that touched upon the entire post of mine, including the music.;))
And the fact that we seem to have gained an additional sign in the zodiac literally over night - causing most of us to move into a new sign entirely, including myself;)