September 28, 2009

A Light In The Dark.

I live in a city positioned in bay, on the east coast of a Danish peninsula. My house is build on a hill, rising south above the city and throughout a year, I can glimpse the ocean out of my kitchen window. Unfortunately the view is obscured by three magnificent birch trees and by each year, more of it disappears. I often get the urge to find a way of getting rid of two of the trees, but then again, how I could I be instrumental in a such a cruel destruction?

As the autumn progress and the leaves slowly dissipate, the view becomes more free. I love to see the indigo blue waters and often I can watch ships and large ferries travel by, with a course towards other islands and the small peninsula just in my immediate northeast, called Mols. If the weather is clear, I can see the land as well, just lining the horizon.
I pass this very coastline even on my drive to and from work. It is my favorite part of the trip, as I descend down the hill , winding down all the way to the beach and then follow the coastline for about a kilometer or two. The ocean is never the same. When the easterly winds blow, it is rippled with rolling waves, it's foaming ridges hitting the shore. Then again, when the winds turn, it can be pristine and calm, the surface almost as leveled as a mirror, reflecting the colour of the sky.

In the autumn and winter, I drive home after the onset of darkness and I often feel like traveling in a fairy-tale landscape, when the moon is full, reflecting in the midnight blue surface of the bay. I can often see the lights of large container ships in the distance, as they wait for harbor access permission.

There is also one more light in the dark ocean.

Just where the outline of the Mols coastline merges with the sea, a green and yellow light flickers in even intervals. Like a constant point in the vast distance, it directs boats around the very tip of the peninsula, guiding them safely around shallow grounds into the bay.
This is the Sletterhage Fyr in Helgenæs. Fyr is a Danish word for Lighthouse and it is positioned in one of the most fascinating places I have ever visited. Erected on a beautiful beach, it stands tall and majestic against the blue canvas of water and sky. Throughout the seasons it offers fantastic views of the city, of unspoiled and pristine Danish shores and of the elusive Nordic sunsets.


steviewren said...

The various blues of the sea and sky seen in your pictures must add wonder to your observation of them. The lighthouse adds a touch of humanity to the pristine scene. It reminds one of man's frailty in the midst of nature's beautiful power.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Each of these snapshots are absolutely picture postcard perfect!

What a pleasure!

Betsy Brock said...

I think these are my favorite photos ever! The light house is just gorgeous...and that sunset! Wow! Happy Monday! :)

Hilary said...

Just beautiful, Z. I suspect that the presence of those trees gives you an autumn/winter view to which you can look forward. A cold season bonus. It's like that around the pond here. Much of the water is obscured by healthy tree growth but as leaves begin to fall, more and more of it comes into view. It's the reward for an otherwise colourless season.

Lulda Casadaga said...

You are so lucky to see these breathtaking scenes everyday...damn I hate you...only kidding! :D

G said...

What a beautifully written post! Protege, you should be published! I love Autumn and it's gentle melancholy.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

You are so lucky to have such beautiful views right from your window! ;-) The pictures are very beautiful.

xoxo, Shelly

Brian Miller said...

beautiful pics. there is just something about lighthouses that appeal to me as well. we visited quite a few when we went to NC a couple years ago.

Mahmud Yussop said...

This post is full of romanticism and makes me want to jump into the post cards to experience the lovely scenery as you drive to and from work. What a beautiful place you have there.Have a stunning week ahead.

swenglishexpat said...

You certainly paint a beautiful picture with your words.

Otherwise the only thing I know about Mols is that the people from there are what the Irish are to the English and the Norwegians to the Swedes, i.e. the butt of jokes where they are the stupid ones. Ask somebody at work (if you don't know it already) about the stork in a field and four men carrying a fifth man on an unhinged door! :-o

Beverlydru said...

I agree with the above... you paint a lovely picture with your words and the photos are the rich accompaniment. Just lovely.

Cat in the road said...

When you click on your pic’s they enlarge to full screen. I don’t know how you were able to capture the brilliant colors of the sunset. The composition of your photos tells that you have a photographic eye. I’m going to send you a link to a song called, “A ship’s song” by Nick Cave. I think it fits in with the theme.

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Just beautiful! Beautiful photos, beautifully written, beautiful images dancing in my head. I love the ocean! I love all water, right down to the water in my tub that I soak my troubles away in... I also love lighthouses. We have one at Sanibel Island that we can see from the beach we usually frequent.

Claus said...

There was certain tranquility in today's entry. I could imagine, by reading your words, the lighthouse, the moon's reflection on the water, the distant view from your's the beauty of the ocean, wouldn't you agree?, and you are very lucky to live close by it.

United Studies said...

I am getting a better picture of where you live in Denmark. :-) Your home and it's surroundings sound and look beautiful and peaceful.

Keith said...

These are so beautiful. I love all your posts. They always inspire me. It sounds like a wonderful area you live. I've always wanted to visit Denmark.

Unknown said...

Lighthouses mean so much! Historical, Adventuresome, Romantic, and Magical all at the same time. Sounds like that view is opening up, Protege! What a cool post! :)

Zuzana said...

that was a very poetic comment and so true; I love Lighthouses for that very reason. Thank you for these words.

thank you; so glad you like the photographs.;) Your cheerful comments always warm my heart.;)xo

thank you so much - I am so happy you like the pictures.;) It is a magnificent place.;)
Hope your Monday was good too.;) xo

that is completely true; I never looked at it that way.;) Now I will have something to look forward too.;)
Always so glad when you stop by, thank you.;) xo

hehe, you are funny.;)) In a good way.;)) Thank yo so much for stopping by, always glad to see you.;) xo

you are so very kind, that was a great compliment. Not sure about the publishing though.;))
I agree with you; gentle melancholy is the term that fits autumn so well.
So glad when you stop by.,) xo

thank you, yes my views are indeed beautiful, no matter the direction I see trees, sea or the sky.;)

I am happy you like these structures as well; I think I feel there are so simple, yet important. And often positioned in a very breathtaking setting.;)

you leave the best comments.;)) Thank you for those kind words.;)) I guess I am one of those lucky few who do like to drive to work actually.;)

thank you.:) Ad LOL to your comment about the jokes; yes there is a certain kind of rivality and teasing going on between the different island in Denmark; I guess this happens in every country though.:)
I have to ask about the "men", I have never heard that.;)

thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words of compliment.;) xo

thank you as always for seeing the details and the hidden. I am happy that these shots appeal to you and that you see the beauty I tried to capture, even though the reality is so much better.;)
Always glad when you stop by.;)

ah, thank you, thank you for this lovely comment. I am glad you too have a soft spot for Lighthouses, these amazing lanterns of the night shores.;)xo

so right you are; the beach where the Lighthouse is positioned is very tranquil. And I always love the to look at the ocean or the sky and not to mention setting sun.;)
Always so happy when you stop by dear friend.;) xo

thank you; I am sure you are familiar with a large part of the peninsula.;)) The north of it is stunning as well.;) xoxo

thank you, you are very kind and your words mean a lot to me. And likewise.;))
Thank you for always finding the time to stop by.;))

thank you - you sum it up very well, that is exactly what they are.;) Yes, in a few months my view will be less obscure again;)) Thank you for your visit.;)

Gal Friday said...

Beautiful writing that went straight to my heart! Like you, I pass the ocean every day in my travels and can see a lighthouse("your" lighthouse" is so elegant and pretty!), so I always feel connected even though we are on opposite sides of a vast sea..
Actuially, I was on the beach just after the sun had risen this morning(unexpectedly, as I had to bring my daughter in to school extra early, so stopped off for a walk on the beach right after) and the the light and sounds on that beach took my breath away.

Unknown said...

i love lighthouses, but for some reason i don't like climbing them up. Heights.... i can't. Am gonna faint. hhihii.

Zuzana said...

so glad you share my love for the beach and ocean. I think I can completely understand the atmosphere you experienced today (yesterday); it is one those moments that will stay in your mind forever; the unforgettable one.;))

no I do not like heights much either, but this one I would climb just for the incredibly breathtaking view.;) xo

Elizabeth said...

Just found your blog and found your beautiful pictures. It is now about 22 years ago that I lived close to the Sletterhage fyr. I fell in love with this beautiful place and been back many times. If you want to know how much I fell in love. I moved again to Danmark because of the experience. At present time I live on another Danish island. So thanks again for your pictures and to awake my memories again, although they never far away.

Zuzana said...

welcome! It is indeed great to meet a fellow foreigner in Denmark! Most of my readers are from the outside of the country.;)
Absolutely delighted to hear that you love Sletterhagen and share my fascination for this unusual spot. Please do come back again, thank you so much for your kind words.;)

julochka said...

hmm, might have to visit your lighthouse during the efterårsferie next week. last year we went to the one on the west coast at blåvandshuk, but it has a harsher feel to it.

like you and elizabeth, i'm also a fellow foreigner in denmark and i found you through her. i'll be back. :-)

Zuzana said...

great to have you stop by!;) Please do visit Sletterhagen, you will enjoy its pristine and untouched feel.
Thank you for your kind words and please do come back again.;)