September 20, 2009

A Bunch Of Golden Leaves.

As I seem to - for the first time - pay a closer attention to the change in the foliage in our birch trees, I have noticed a curiosity.

The change is basically constant and happens slowly. However, it is not spread out symmetrically. It is not as if leaves all over the tree here and there turn golden. It seems to be more a bunch of leaves in particular areas, that loose colour simultaneously. I noticed this as I took a walk in our backyard today, where a row of birch trees grows. They are the ones responsible for the loss of sun on my terrace. But I do not mind as they are beautiful.

I love the way their long branches sway in the gentle breeze and the contrast of the green and golden against their traditional white bark. I can watch them through the seasons and every year they seem to stand taller. Birch trees also line my view of the city below and I have observed, that the horizon where the sun sets starts to be obscured by their rich crowns.

The tree in our front yard is though by far the most majestic one. Placed right outside my kitchen window I can not help but take notice of it every day. And it is indeed changing, now significantly and noticeably for the first time since I stated my Sunday progressive photography of its foliage. There is a red hue appearing and the autumn colours are very palpable in the vegetation that surrounds it.


Michelle H. said...

It's the best thing I love about autumn... the leaves.

When young, someone once told me that if you catch a falling leave, you could make a wish and it would come true. I was always outside, running my legs sore, trying to catch as many as I could! :-)

Keith said...

Hey there. Great post. I hope you've been having a wonderful weekend. Take care. Cheers!


You know what I have learned most through blogging? That there are many beautiful people on this Earth (both inside, and outside) and you are most certainly one of them. I love your creative posts and endearing comments, dear. Thank you!! =)


steviewren said...

Once again the scientist in you rises to the surface. You have such a keen eye for noting the minute changes that take place around you. Happy Sunday!

Sumandebray said...

Great to see the season change through your lenses
we do not see much or birch trees ... to our eyes they are more of funiture or joinery works! Another example of how diverse this world is!

Blogaire said...

Autumn is slowly but surely taking over and Summer is becoming a fading memory. It's fascinating to see this happen in your garden Protege. I live in a Townhouse and don't have a garden so this is almost as good!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Reading about your birch trees makes me want one soooo badly! I love them! We don't seem to have any luck growing the trees we have planted. They don't seem to like our soil. ;-( We will keep trying tough. ;-) I will need to put birch tree on our list.

Thanks again for your lovely comments on my page. Your the sweetest! ;-)

xoxo, Shelly

Hilary said...

I was just thinking that it's your artist's eye that notices these subtle changes when I read Steviewren's comment. It must be a bit of both.. the artist and the scientist. And of course the romantic. :)

Urmi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.
I liked your post very much. Beautifully described about autumn and the picture is mind-blowing.

Unknown said...

I onlu knew Birch Tree as a milk brand here in the Philippines.

wow, that is a beautiful color. Is that a flower or yellow leaves?

Unknown said...

You write beautifully, Protege!

Zuzana said...

never heard of that; I better go and catch some leaves son as I have many wishes.;))
I bet you have beautiful birch trees in your surroundings as well.:)

thank you so much and likewise, always glad when you stop by.;)

your lovely comment warms my heart and sentiment in it goes certainly both ways. Your lovely visits make my day at all all times.;)

thank you; I feel very flattered by your kind words.;) Hope likewise your weekend was great, dear friend.;)) xo

indeed, it is so curious for me to realize at indeed our birch trees can be almost an exotic sounding term in other parts of the world.;))
I hope your weekend was lovely too.;) Always glad when you stop by.;)

thank you and I am truly glad that I can bring the beauty of the seasonal changes a bit closer.;) Your visits are always very much appreciated.;)

thank you - likewise I always appreciate you lovely and kind words.:)
It is amazing, but I guess even though Birch Trees thrive incredibly in our climate, they will not do so well where it is dry and warm. But I bet you can grow some quiet incredibly exotic trees instead.;))

I think you are absolutely correct; it is a bit of both.;))
And you are so right on with the "romantic".;))
Your kind comments warm my heart dear friend.;)

you are very kind to me and thank you for taking the time to come back, I very much enjoy your visits.;))

wow, that is so much fun.;) I rarely even consider the fact that Birch Trees are an unknown plant (tree) in some parts of the world.;)) Always happy to have you visit.;) xo

thank you so much, that is a wonderful and kind compliment.;)

Claus said...

I was posting a comment here yesterday when...blackout! 5 hours without electricity, and we never knew why.

Beautiful pictures, and one can see the autumn-ish air in the picture on the right. Love the golden leaves against the white trunk.

Maria said...

We need more trees in our area. We have some young trees around, I hope they get a chance to grow!