August 15, 2011

Emotions Of Change.

Change - a term full of contradictions, yet the only constant in life.
Changes are never easy and feel more complicated and dramatic the older we get, but they are vital and important if we want to live fully and completely.

I do not think that I exaggerate, when I claim being an expert at changes. My life has been altered numerous times - in fact I feel that at this point it consists of several life times, woven together into an intricate personality tapestry, making me into who I am.

Thus today, while being in the process of altering my life once again, I know pretty accurately what to expect. I have over the years learned several vital facts about myself and about human nature over all, the most important being that we posses an uncanny way to adapt to new situations - something that makes us such a successful living species here on Earth. And I believe that those individuals that master this ability with an ease will always thrive and prosper.

Having made drastic changes in my life in the past, I know that my psyche undergoes a very interesting transformation and I go through many different emotional stages. I know at this point that it is extremely important to acknowledge them and process them all, as they reflect my state of mind. To ignore them would have devastating effect on my future well being.

So what exactly are my emotions of change?

Initially, there is that overwhelming feeling of excitement, almost exhilaration and the feeling of being invincible. It comes close to a reality denial, or a certain reality numbness.
Everything is possible.
This can last for extended period of time and gives rise to many moments of daydreaming, being a constant source of energy and happiness. Every change in my life came because I was looking for it and was yearning for it. Nevertheless the changes that actually do occur are unpredictable and are a result of combination of events, thus often the change we chose brings about in its turn some changes that we never planned on. Therefore slowly, the excitement recedes, but should still linger in the background, if we feel the changes we are making are the right ones.

As the exhilarating emotions subside, there is a time of awakening. A reality check. This can be more or less abrupt and a sobering experience, realizing all the practical aspect of a change and concluding that no matter how we turn the coin around, it has always two sides - and that good comes with the bad. Often at this point, there are feelings of fear and the mind is filled with anxious thoughts, at times deep worries and even remorse. "Better the devil you know" is a term so appropriate in this context. It is often very unnerving to undergo a change, even if the change is good, because the familiar - however bad and unsatisfactory - always feels so safe.

Here it is thus very important to realize, in my opinion, that every change consists of two stages; a loss and a gain. To acknowledge the loss is extremely vital, at least it is to me. I need to be allowed to part with what was, small ceremonies if you will and moments to mourn. I need to say farewell to my past in order to be able to move on into the future and to be able to accept the gain - as something good and new, rewarding and brilliant.

Once I leave the past in the past, hence comes the process of transformation, relocation and adaptation. I often feel I gain a second wind here, become more optimistic and full of energy, realizing - the change is happening now. A certain point of no return instigates a feeling of accomplishment and fresh resolutions, new starts and new beginnings. These are often not easy times and can result in a mixed outlet of tears and laughter, but these are the moments that usher us into our new existence.

And thus a new reality starts, an alteration of at times major proportions. A time of adaptation and discovery, a time of incredible personal growth and a realization of the endless strength we posses and what capable beings we actually are. Ultimately we gain an awareness of all the magic that exists in life, at all times available for us to seize, if we only dare to.
The many changes I have undertaken in the past have made me realize that life is truly beautiful - if we only have the courage to live it.


Elizabeth said...

You put in into words so beautifully!

Have a great start of your week.

Kath said...

"every change consists of two stages; a loss and a gain"

You are so right, my friend. Although we wanted to come here so much, there have been losses and they have been hard to accept, but this time, is as you describe, a time for "adaptation and discovery".

Thankyou for this post and these thought provoking words.

Enjoy your week, lovely girl.

Ash said...

So lovely to see you back, Zuzana. Amazing post. Beautiful inspiring writing. Oh, and I LOVE that Helen Keller quote.

Mimi said...

Zuzana, this is a wonderful, reflective insight into change. And I love the quotes you've placed throughout the post, the look of them too.
Change is a loos and a gain, you're absolutely right.
And change happens, whether we like it or not, so your insight is very valuable.
This is a post I'll be coming back to, for sure.
Have a wonderful week, my friend.

Brian Miller said...

life is beautiful..and in constant change...i dont think it possible for us to avoid it honestly...i like your thought process with change...we lament what we lost but hopefully embrace what we gained...

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Change CAN be so very hard...but when we look UP and embrace can be beautiful!

Bossy Betty said...

I love the way you put these thoughts down. Change is hard but you give hope that even in painful change there is something at the end that has made all the pain worth it.

Anonymous said...

You're so right... Change means loss as well as new adventure.

What a lovely lovely post! Love the Helen Keller quote.

Anonymous said...

So well said, Zuzana. Change can be difficult, but is such a necessary aspect of life and without it, how could we grow and truly experience how beautiful life really is! I am so glad you shared this, and I love the quotes!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Such an insightful post dear friend. Change can often be difficult after the initial excitement but almost always worth it! To be able to put your feelings in words helps the transition, and as ever you achieve this so wonderfully!

The Helen Keller quote is truly remarkable, knowing a little of her life story.

An idylic country cottage is achievable. I think one day it will be yours:-)


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I like your perspective on change being a loss and a gain. We need to find the balance and that comes with time. We must be patient with ourselves and others in times of change. And I agree, the older we get, the harder change is.

sprinkles said...

I've had many changes in my life too, some wanted and others not.

I just experienced a big change - the passing of my father. And will be experiencing another one next week when I start classes again. I'm excited but overwhelmed. Hopefully this one will be a good change.

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

I have always liked the saying, "There is no great loss without some small gain." Sounds like there is also no great change without some small loss - but hopefully some great gain to balance it. But soon all this newness will become familiar and feel "real."

adrielleroyale said...

Aaaahhh process... You are one of few people who like myself actually seem to recognize and be able to articulate just what it is we are going through, and you do it so well! :) May you go through this process even better than ever before!

SandyCarlson said...

Let's hear it for the daring adventure! You speak to my soul tonight. Thank you.

Margie said...

Life is about change and change can be hard but the way we handle those changes shows our true spirit to carry on with a joyful heart.
Without joy, life can be hard to bear!
One must have joy in one's life and I'm happy you have it in yours.

Wonderful post, Zuzana.

*The many changes I have undertaken in the past have made me realize that life is truly beautiful - if only we have the courage to live it.*
Bravo on those words!
I can so relate.

Margie xoox

steviewren said...

I hope your gains surpass your losses by miles and miles.

Rajesh said...

You have beautifully together how the emotions alter during the change process. Wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

I love change, it creates strength... glad to see you're back :)

Becky said...

Lovely post.I adore Helen Keller.

Im a new follower to your blog,cant wait to visit again.~~~Becky

Christmas-etc... said...

Welcome back, dear Zuzana!
I couldn't agree with you more about change... it is part of life, both the good changes and the bad ones... and even in the bad ones there are often silver linings to be found and with the good ones, little annoyances that show up. Like you said, it's good to acknowledge both.
Tell me... did you ever find out about that St. Nicholas Spring that you drive past every day? Just curious :)

Myrna R. said...

Beautifully stated Zuzana. The only permanent thing in life is change. Yet voluntary change takes courage. You're a brave woman.

amrendra "amar" said...

♥ great job ♥

amrendra "amar" said...
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S. Susan Deborah said...

I wish you the best as change envelops you. Sometimes one feels a tad emotional about the past being left behind but when we move forward we realise that the past was only a habit that we clung ourselves to.

Joy always,

young-eclectic-encounters said...

What a wonderfully wise post. I'm so glad you are back. Sorry I haven't been able to visit for a while so I took the time to read your earlier posts.congradulations on your new life changes I am sure you will know much joy in your new life.
Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments- please take the time to visit again as I am having a give away contest in appreciation for the support I have recieved through the friends who have touched my life through the Internet.
Once again congratulations and good luck on your new start.
Johnina :D

tony said...

Change=Energy.An Important Formula! I admire your analysis Zuzana.

Zuzana said...

Elizabeth, Kath, Ash, Mimi, Brian, Jill, Betty, ladyfi, Rosie, Jeanne, LadyCat, sprinkles, Rosezilla, adrielle, Sandy, Margie, Stevie, Rajesh, ED, Becky, Ann, Myrna, amrenda (welcome), Susan, Johnina and tony – thank you dear friends for your wise words and reflections on the term change.

I feel that changes can be so elusive at times- some sneak up on us, some are sought after, some are good and some are bad. But they are at all times part of our reality and we have to accept these and adapt, or be assimilated by life.

Thank you so much for always finding the time to stop by and share my life’s events with me.;)