November 17, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

I keep all my photographs in a big cardboard box. One of those storage boxes you can purchase in a store and put it all together, with a lid and everything. Not long time ago, I was moving this box, for some reason or another. The box is by now VERY heavy as it holds the sentiments and reflections of my life which stretch over many decades.
Well, when I moved the box, the bottom fell out. Just like that. I was standing there for a few seconds in disbelieve, but yes, the bottom fell out and hundreds of photographs were spread all over the floor in wonderful heap. This happened on a morning before I was off to work and I was furious, as I had no time to deal with this mess. So the pictures lay there in a heap for days before the weekend came and I sat down to put this mess into order.
And it took many hours to sort them out, as of course, some of the pictures were really old and I could not help but going through them, almost one by one. They brought back years and decades, people and places I have long forgotten. The late afternoon became evening before I was done.
I decided to share one wonderful picture I found. It is of me and my sister, while we were visiting very good friends of the family. I love the way we are seated and the whole composition of this snapshot that was taken without our knowledge some 20 years ago around Christmas.
This little incident made me realize that somehow everything happens for a reason; I was meant to drop the box, as if I did not, I would have not have had this beautiful walk down the memory lane.


Diane said...

I have 3 or 4 boxes like that, though most of the pictures I have are of Ryan and not from my 'previous' life. Every time I move, I wind up sitting for hours, going through them. And every time, I tell myself it's time to put them in proper photo storage boxes/albums. But I never do. Sigh.

Mahmud Yussop said...

In the same vein I believe we have not been created in vain. Cheerio!

Melanie Gillispie said...

I was thinking the same thing all the way through, things happen for a reason. I love looking through old pictures. Lately my oldest niece has been really interested in pictures. She likes to guess who the people are in them since so many of them don't look the same way now. She thinks the pictures of my sister Meredith and me are pictures of her and Brianna.

Holly said...

I agree that things don't just happen by chance. What a serendipitous moment for you,...after all of the frustration wore off. ;)

Hilary said...

Chiming in with my agreement. There appears to be a reason for everything. That's a lovely picture of you and your sister. No doubt it's put a big smile on your face to find it. Thanks for sharing it.

Zuzana said...

Diane, they must be beautiful as Ryan is so cute.;) But I know what you mean, my sister complains constantly about not having time to sort out her photos. When you have children, most pictures are of them and they pile up very quickly, as everyone takes hundreds of pictures.:)

Mahmud, I follow your sentiments. Thank you for stopping by.

Mel, yes I love to look through old photographs, even of my parents and the rest of the family. How fun your nieces think they are you and your sister, but I can understand that so well seeing the family resemblance in the picture on your site.:))

Holly, serendipitous is the correct word.:)) I actually have many albums with sorted out pictures, but then I have the discarded ones, and these I forget all about and then they become interesting.

Hilary, I am a firm believer in that much in life is predestined and there is a reason in everything we do and everything that happens. We only decide how we get there. Thank you for your kind comment on the photograph.

dv said...

Hi Sis!!!!
Yes, finally I dare to post my comment as well... I must be one of the most "out-of-date" people of this world - my cell phone works only when I need it, we still have no internet connection at home (we used to have one but it has not been working for months and nobody cares until there is an urgent need from the office), and I have discovered the world of blog only recently thanks to your wonderful blog - I am really impressed by the way....

While waiting for my colleagues in the lobby of a cosmopolitan hotel in Tehran my eyes stopped at a beautiful script framed in a typical Iranian frame. It said the following:

"The leader of Moslem "Ali" say:
The greatest sin is fear,
The greatest recreator is work,
The greatest calamity is hopelessness,
The greatest bravery is patience,
The greatest teacher is experience,
The greatest secret is death,
The greatest honor is faith,
The greatest profit is good child,
The greatest present is indulgence,
The greatest capital is self-reliance."

I really liked it and directly came to think about you and your blog!!!

Your little (getting old) sister!!!!

Zuzana said...

My little sister, thank you for stopping by; no one can share the sentiment of this photograph better than you.:))
Thank you also for the beautiful quote that rings so very true.
I miss you.:))

. said...

The love in this photo taken while the two of you were happily sharing a sweet moment in life....Beautiful!!

Also beautiful, the lovely comments above between the photo's two subjects. :)

Zuzana said...

Belle, you always leave the most kindness comments. Yes, I miss my sister very much; we live almost 1500 miles apart and see each other rarely.:))