November 07, 2008

The 5th of the 5th.

Recently my friend Diane tagged who ever wanted and felt up to it, to post the 4th of the 4th. That is, posting the 4th photograph or picture in the 4th picture folder on the computer. But she changed this slightly and went for the 5th picture and so will I. Mostly due to the fact that I recently posted my 4th of the 4th.;)
Well, not long time ago I went through my old "back up" CD to find a picture that I drew using a keyboard and a mouse . I decided to look through my old picture folder on this back up CD to find the 5th of the 5th, as I felt there could be some interesting, forgotten pictures there. And I was right. The folder was called "Last pictures of Duke" and contained -very appropriately- pictures taken by me in the end of October, a couple of months prior to my final departure for Scandinavia, after living in North Carolina for almost a decade.
The fifth picture is a striking autumn picture taken almost exactly 10 years ago in Duke Gardens, a beautiful, serene place connected to Duke University. Photographed with one of the first digital cameras available at that time, it is now a precious sentimental memory in my 5th folder.


Diane said...

It is a beautiful picture. You know what's interesting? You left NC about 5 or 6 months after I got there. So we actually overlapped and lived in (nearly) the same place for a short time!

Zuzana said...

Diane, it is interesting to ponder such things at times; I had to move half way around the world and wait a decade to meet you, yet at one time we were separated by only hundred or so miles.;)

Melanie Gillispie said...

It took a little longer than it usually does since it was pretty warm up until about 3 weeks ago here in North Carolina, but the colors, like the one in this picture, are finally coming out. The maples started turning about a week and a half ago, and the pear trees, which are always so pretty in the spring when they bloom, are turning red and yellow up and down my street. I don't even mind the leaves falling because I love the crunchy sound of walking on leaves.

I might mind more if I had to rake them instead of the nice men my homeowner's association dues pay to come and do it for me. ;)

Zuzana said...

Mel, it is amazing to hear that the foliage is just turning in NC, while here we have barely any leaves left on the trees.:)
I miss the the NC climate, I miss the hot, humid summers and the short, mild winters.;)

Holly said...

This picture is fantastic. There is almost a surreal quality to it. I really miss the changing of the seasons, and the first snowfall. But,...I do not miss the long gray winters that drag on because they just weigh upon my spirit so badly.

Living in the desert where everything looks close to the same year round just makes it that much more refreshing when people (like yourself) post such gorgeous pictures of the seasons. Thank You for sharing. I might just steal some of your different seasonal and sunset pictures and store then in my folders. (If that is alright with you.) :)

Zuzana said...

Holly, you always leave such genuinely kind comments.;)
I am so happy I can bring a seasonal spirit into your day. I know what you mean; the older I get, the more I enjoy the changes every season brings.
You are very welcome to use any pictures you please, I feel very flattered that you like them so much. Let me know if you would like the original, better quality. I will be happy to send you those as well, as the uploaded has been decreased in size.

G said...

What gorgeous colours.... I love that yellow.