November 10, 2008

November, The Ninth Month.

This morning I woke up to one of those Scandinavian autumn mornings I truly dislike with all my heart and soul; pitch dark, cold, rainy and VERY windy. Windy is actually not the correct word. STORMY would be more appropriate. It was one of those Mondays when all I wanted to do was to press the snooze button on my alarm and go back to sleep. It was inhuman to be dragged out of bed in the middle of the night. I contemplated for a while why people living this far up north are not allowed to go into hibernation. Furthermore I was trying come up with reasons why not to call in sick today.
This weekend I was pondering over the month of November. The name November comes from the Latin Novem, meaning nine. So actually, this is the ninth month in the original Roman Calender. In another languages, which did not adapted the Latin naming, November has other meanings. For example, in old Danish, it was called "Slagtemåned", which means "Slaughter month", most likely due to the fact, that people would be slaughtering pigs, getting ready for the winter. In Czech, November is called "Listopad", meaning in translation, "The falling of the leaves month".
In any case, November is a bit dreadful, but then again, it is also a month full of the anticipation of the Christmas Holidays. It is also the month, when here in Scandinavia, people light the candles, eat delicious, but heavy food and tend to stay indoors, creating a cosy atmosphere.

After living here for a very long time, I still have not adapted to the weather, particularly the autumn and the winter. But talking to Scandinavians, born and raised here, very few of them find this weather pleasing. Except for the wind. I have met people that love the wind. And perhaps they do so for a reason. Many of my foreign visitors have noticed the incredible quality of the air we have here. Indeed, the wind moves the air around and changes it constantly, making it clean and fresh at all times of the year.


Diane said...

You make Denmark sound so appealing. I have a friend in Scotland, with whom I IM frequently, and he was complaining of the weather there last week. As you know, the climates are similar, as you're only separated by the North Sea. My parents always say they should have left me in Scotland when I was young, as I was better suited to the climate. I LOVE cold, wet, stormy fall days. Don't get me wrong - I love the sunshine, too, and if I had to put up with months of dark and rain, I might change my mind. But right now? It sounds lovely. (And yes, I know I'm weird :)

Zuzana said...

Diane, your northen genes are really dominating in this respect.;)I do not think you are weird at all, you just appreciate the wild nature when it is at it's best.:) Scandinavians would love your optimism.:)

Donna said...

I guess the clean windy air sounds good, but it also sound very cold. I am one that would like to hibernate through the cold winter months. Give me warmth and sunshine!

Hazel Designs said...

November is definitely an interesting month - dark and dreary, but also bittersweet because of the coming holidays. It's hard leaving work in the evenings, though, when it gets so dark at 5pm!

Oh, and I love, love your oldest book! How special!

Holly said...

Hand me a cup of hot cocoa and put me in front of a blazing fire and I will survive a few days of dark bleak weather, but I do have to admit... I think I am more like you in the respect that my spirit craves a certain amount of bright warmpth. I feel for you when you post this dreary weather. I can just sense how it weighs on you like a damp blanket. It must be so hard on you having such long bitter winters there. I am sorry! Hopefully pen pal-ing with all of your blog buddies can give you some solace until the sun shines again.

You could always come visit me in sunny (sometimes TOO sunny California. :) )

Zuzana said...

Donna, I could not agree with you more.:)

Hazel, yes, I also find it difficult to be at work when it is so dark; I get sleepy at 3PM, as that is when it gets dark here when it is worst.;)

Holly, you are speaking my language.:) That is exactly what I would love to do and what I need.
And yes, friends like you make it easier, especially with such a tempting offer.;)))

Hilary said...

I sure do understand how you feel. I'm typically not crazy about the weather from November through to and often including April. The days here are short enough but I think I would find the ultra long hours of darkness to be very depressing. On the other hand.. I'd be thrilled with your summers.

Extra clothing layers, cocooning and a good drink will usually get me through some of the coldest times. I hope you've got something that will work for you too. :)

Zuzana said...

Hilary, the darkness is the worst by far.
Yes, summers are incredible, light until midnight at least.;)
Warm drink, good book, pleasant company and a fireplace is what works for me. And lots of sleep.:)