November 24, 2008

In The Spirit Of The Season.

It is inevitable; the Christmas holidays are here. They start earlier and earlier each year.
When I was a child in Eastern Europe, the Christmas season started the week of the 24th of December. When I was growing up in Sweden, the holidays began with the celebration of the "First Advent", a religious observance four Sundays before Christmas Eve. Later, while living in the US, I realized that the holidays started with Thanksgiving celebration in the end of November.
Today, already the first week of November there are Christmas decorations put up in the stores. I recall how odd it was just a few years back, if I purchased new Christmas ornaments already in beginning of December or even bought some of the presents. Now I almost feel as though I am running out of time if I do not start in November with all the purchases.
Yes the commercialism has taken over the holidays somewhat. Nevertheless, in some way, it makes the gloomy autumn a bit more cheerful and makes the wonderful winter holidays last a bit longer.
If one doesn’t fall for all the “acquisition mania” and just relaxes and allows one self to be swept away by the spirit of the season, it can be pleasurable indeed. It doesn’t cost anything to just take a walk through the city in a good company and gaze at all the Christmas lights and decorations. It is a very inexpensive joy to lit candles and to curl up with some good old fashioned Christmas music and a glass of hot spicy red vine, while writing Christmas cards. Or perhaps one can watch old Christmas classics with a cup of hot chocolate beside a crackling fire for almost no money at all.
Well, call me romantic and corny. Risking to sound "oh so very cliché", the truth still remains; the best in life is indeed free.


Mahmud Yussop said...

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays.

Diane said...

You're romantic and corny... ;) But I like that about you. I hate the commercialism and shopping stress of Christmas... it makes an already difficult time of year for me even harder. But with a child in the house, you have to try a bit harder. I'm looking for ways to celebrate with her that are more about the 'best things in life being free'.

Holly said...

Ya, I would have to agree with Diane! Protege, you are the definition of 'hopelessly' romantic. But,...I love that about you as well. I really enjoyed this post. It reminded me that I can take the kids for a long walk to see the lights for free. then come home, drink egg nog, and sing Christmas songs for free. We don't have to spend all of our time and money in the stores this season. We'll be better off for not having done that too!

Hilary said...

And among the best in life which is free, is your wonderful blog complete with introspective thought and corny romanticism. You're a gift.

Melanie Gillispie said...

See, now you've almost gotten me in the Christmas mood! Maybe I'll even decorate this weekend. Maybe.

Zuzana said...

Mahmud, right back at you! Happy Holidays as well, thank you for those nice wishes.

Diane and Holly, I am, am I not? I have to completely agree with you and have to admit to being a hopeless romantic and corny too. No well, it could have been worse. Besides, they are not many of us romantics left, we are an endangered species.;)
I am happy you guys still like me though.:))
You have no idea how much I wish to have had children when celebrating Christmas, enjoy the time you have with them, as they grow up so fast.
Diane, I am happy that my sentiments have smitten on you a bit.
And Holly, enjoy that walk.;)

Hilary, as always, you say the nicest things. That kind of compliment means so much to me, especially coming from you. Thank you again. And by the way, You are the gift.

Mel, I feel I have accomplished my task, if I even make you feel to ”want” to decorate and be “almost” in a Christmas mood, I have been successful.:))

Hazel Designs said...

I was incredulous that there were Christmas decorations around the stores here right around Halloween, but your post is a great way of looking at it. It sounds lovely, in fact! And I do love Christmas music :)

Zuzana said...

Hazel, happy to hear that you share my enthusiasm about the Holidays.:)