November 18, 2008

Favourite Books Tag.

Recently I got encouraged by Diane to list one favorite book in 4 different categories; Fiction, Non-fiction, Autobiography and Any genre. I should also explain why I do like these in 30 words.

The thing is, I do not read that much anymore. Well, I do read, but in comparison to others, it appears I do not read at all. My handsome Irishman seem to be able to read a book a day and can even be reading several books at a time, which is completely impossible for me, as I would just mix the plots up. Additionally, he reads to me every evening and I love to share this experience with him.
Well, I on the other hand get through a book just like when I enjoy a lawish meal; I take my time. Unless it is of course a really crappy meal/book, then I take my time too, but for completely different reasons.

I used to read a lot as young girl. But then life happened and there is way to little time in it for books. Nevertheless, I still enjoy curling up with a good book in the weekends and on summer vacations.

But back to the book meme.
Here are my nominations:

"Reliquary" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
This is the best book ever written by my two favourite authors of all time. I own all their books, but this is by far their best work. A mix of science, fiction and the supernatural, or MY KIND of mix.

"A Brief History of Time" by Stephen W. Hawkin
One doesn’t have to be a scientist to be captivated by this subject; his writing, although perhaps complicated is still a wonderful take on the universe.

"Dneska už se tomu směju" by Adina Mandlová
Yes, it is in Czech.:) I am sorry, but this is by far the best autobiography I ever read.
Translation: "Today it makes me laugh" by Adina Mandlová
I read this when I was a teenager and enjoyed it immensely; I loved the lightness in the writing, even if the subjects were very grave. Written by a Czech actress, it depicts her life in Czech republic in the 1930's.

Any genre:
"The Lady and The Unicorn" by Tracy Chevalier
I choose here fiction story based partly on facts, depicting real occurrences and real subjects.
It is a wonderful book describing the making of exquisite tapestries in 15th century France. I was very captivated by this work and still today I keep at times thinking about the people involved in the creation of these magnificent pieces of art.

Please, any of you reading this, feel free to list your favourite books in these 4 genres, should you wish to do so.;)


Diane said...

You did well! I'll look up your first book. You nixed the Hawking book when you said it was complicated ;). And I don't read Czech... sigh. The Lady and the Unicorn has possibility.

PS... would you consider renting out your Irishman? I could handle someone reading to me every night (especially someone with a voice like honey ;).

Zuzana said...

Diane, sorry you do not read Czech, you would love the autobiography.;))
You should give Hawkin a try.:) And I truly did enjoy Tracy Chevaliers novel a great deal.

And I will pass your inquiry onto My Irishman.:)))

j. said...

Books! I love book recommendations and Reliquary sounds like its going to be a great read. I should check that out soon-- :-)

Melanie Gillispie said...

A few years ago when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said I wanted A Brief History of Time. She thought I was kidding! I said, no, there's a new edition out and I'd like it, please. I got it, but she thought it was weird. So, we "weird" girls must unite! I'm going to get Reliquary and read it now. Not this minute, of course, just next time I'm at a bookstore. I just wrote down "Today it makes me laugh" in my little notepad I take around with me where I write down words and phrases that strike me as interesting.

Melanie Gillispie said...

By the way, I'm the world's least romantic woman, but I think I could be convinced to be a little more romantic if someone read to me every night. Other than the people on the audiobooks I listen to, that is, because I have to pay for them to read to me.

Zuzana said...

Mel, you rule!

I love these comments! I am thrilled you own(ed) a copy of Hawkin's work.
"Reliquary" is a sequel to "Relic", a first novel by these authors, which was also made into a Hollywood movie in mid 90’s.
And I love the fact you get the sentence "Today it makes me laugh", as she (the actress) described severe things that affected her life and today she thinks of it with amusement. She has accepted it and views it is in a solemn, but humoristic way. This intrigued me already when I was young woman. I want my life to appear to me that way when I am old and grey.

And I think you more romantic then you think, I can tell from your blog. ;)

Zuzana said...

Valentine, please check "Reliquary" out, I read it about 10 years ago and I think it was the only book I finished within two days. I hope you will like it.;)))

Sandra Evertson said...

Great blog!
Sandra Evertson

Tom said...

I'm a fairly prolific reader and one of those annoying people that reads several books at a time, but it's mostly non-fiction and I can't remember the last fiction book I read, so I'll pass on that.

Non-fiction: anything written by Bill Bryson, especially "Notes from a Small Island", "In a Sunburned Country" and "A Walk in the Woods". If I have to pick one, it's "A Walk in the Woods". Do these really count as non-fiction?

Autobiography: two to pick from for me, both written by pilots. "Fate is the Hunter" by Ernest K. Gann (beautiful use of the English language) and "North Star Over my Shoulder" by Bob Buck. Buck's book wins by a hair.

Any genre: sorry, have to go back to Bryson's "A walk in the Woods", I can't think of another book I would be so willing to reread. Sorry for being so boring!

Zuzana said...

Sandra, thank you so much for your kind compliment and thank you for stopping by.:)

Tom, great of you to list the books! Interesting that you enjoy non-fiction, as I usually prefer fiction.
And you are anything but boring, this was a great comment!:)))

Hazel Designs said...

I've read Cabinet of Curiosities, but not Reliquary. I will have to pick this up!

This is fun - I'll have to make up a similar list on my book blog :)

Zuzana said...

Hazel, great, you know of these books then? Reliquary was very good; make sure to give it a try. I loved the Cabinet of Curiosities as well. Yes, please feel free to be tagged by this meme.:))