June 20, 2011

At Peace.

Almost half of this year has passed.
June signifies in no uncertain terms that we are midway through the annual cycle of life. It also represents my absolutely favorite month of all, when light rules my world and perception.
As I savour the moment, I feel an onset of sweet nostalgia, looking back over such a short period in time, yet so significant in my own reality.

My life has changed drastically in the last six months. It started with a sense of a change in the air, turning into period of pain and sorrow, loss and confusion. Then as if by magic, my world turned around and I entered a time of peace and tranquility.

My life has become equivalent to a dream. I pinch myself at times, wondering whether I am indeed awake. Happiness of this caliber has until now escaped me and holding it in my hand, I try to hold onto it firmly yet not too tight. That which I have been searching for so aimlessly for many decades has finally presented itself to me, so freely and coincidentally, yet as if it always been in the stars for me.

I feel finally fulfilled and completed. I feel loved and I love. I feel at home and I feel I belong. I feel my future is free and undetermined, with a potential of great adventures to unravel, yet it feels safe, secure and sheltered.
And so do I.

Therefore this immense content has greatly affected my writing inspiration and my writing content.
My mind is not triggered into any serious contemplations, and has thus become slightly docile and inactive. I find myself in a period of tranquility, where inner peace rules my perception. I no longer commit my thinking to soul searching, nor are my reflections asking questions or hunting for answers.
It has made me wonder whether our wisdom is only born out of pain. And whether true learning only comes from hardship and experiences that arise solely from events that went wrong.

There is one question I do however keep asking myself constantly - what can I take with me into the future from this amazing and content part of my life?
Perhaps it has it been brought my way to reinforce my belief in the good and the divine. In love and trust. In destiny and happy endings.
Or it is simply a reward for my long travels and fierce battles, and for not ever loosing my optimism and hope.

Then again - perhaps I am not meant to question anything at all. Perhaps I am simply suppose to give into the incredible allure of life when it is at its best, enjoying the sweet moments of bliss that are brought my way, accepting them unconditionally and completely, without inquiries and assessments.

Perhaps good things do come to those who wait and the best in life is always yet to come.

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Rajesh said...

I am pleased to know that you are having a good and happy time.

Snowbrush said...

"It has made me wonder whether our wisdom is only born out of pain."

Comedians invariably say that their humor is born of pain. I also think there is something to what you say in regard to wisdom, yet not to worry because how many of us can escape pain for long?

Unknown said...

Maybe it is just your turn to be happy. I hope it lasts for a very long time. Nice post today.

julochka said...

i don't know, this seems pretty deep and reflective. i'd embrace the happiness and like the light, try to hold onto it for future less light times. and enjoy it for all it is worth!!


Lynne said...

How lovely to see you upbeat. No doubt you will take into the future that which you need.

Brian Miller said...

i am glad you have that peace...when love rules your heart many of the questions we often wrestle with take a back seat and seem all the less important...i think much of our growth does come from pain but enjoy the time now while you have it and live in the beauty of the moment...

Hilary said...

May you always feel this way, my friend. :)

Gail said...

May it continue...beautiful thoughts.

Kath said...

Enjoy, lovely girl. You deserve it xx

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I absolutely LOVE this sentence: "That which I have been searching for so aimlessly for many decades has finally presented itself to me, so freely and coincidentally, yet as if it always been in the stars for me." It says SO MUCH Zuzana and makes me SO happy for you and your handsome P!!

Amanda Summer said...

dear zuzana,

you present great wisdom in this post, and i believe that all you state is true: wisdom is born out of pain and difficulty and yes, followed by a period of serenity and peacefulness does reinforce belief in love, trust and happy endings.

perhaps the more you experience these, the more you no longer need to question as much - another reward for life's lessons?

i am so happy you are in a place of peace and reflection ~


Anonymous said...

Love that you're happy :)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

So happy for you, that you are where you are.

And though I don't need to wish you the following, because it certainly will be happy, I do anyway...

Happy Midsummer's Eve

Claus said...

It's been my experience that one DOES grow and learn the most when tough times come one's way. There must be something inside each of us that triggers a learning and growing mechanism when difficulty rule our world. Maybe we continue to do so on a daily basis, but we are not as aware. But I too believe that one also learns and grows out of happiness as well. Maybe one is so excited with the many unbelievable wonderful things going one, that one does not realize that there is also profound thinking going on as well.
In any case, savor and enjoy each happy moment you are experience right now Zuzana. I am so happy that it is happening to you, and keep hope that maybe, some day in the future, it can also happen to some of us as well. You bring me hope! :o))
have another lovely day!

Anonymous said...

I too have been through some difficult times, but I am grateful for what I learned from them and enjoy the good times all the more. :)

I am so happy for you, my friend!


Reading Tea Leaves said...

Dear Zuzana, I've been away from blogland for a while and its wonderful to come back to your wonderful posts.

I'm so happy that you have found yourself in a joyful place of love, peace and contentment. It is truly fitting that you should feel such happiness at this time of the year when light is so evident in your world. Enjoy each and every moment.


Anonymous said...

Don't question - just enjoy! I'd say that experience comes from pain, wisdom from dealing with it.

Love that scroll of symptoms at the end.

And how lovely that you are feeling so very content. You deserve it!

tony said...

Just Enjoy !

adrielleroyale said...

Oh love is such a worthy cause and such a beautiful thing!! Treasure it my friend and fight for it if or when trouble comes to try and take it away. Breath in the healing perfume of it and let it nestle into your heart and make a home. :)

Dan said...

How lovely that you are so happy and at peace Zuzana!
I would take that beautiful feeling of utter contentment forward with you into the future.

Donna said...

So happy that you're at this place. Enjoy it!


Alberto Hugo Rojas said...

happy summer.
many kiss and caress.
the best is, take off weights, in life and seek peace
be happy
fight to be happy. not to fight for being right
nice day.

SandyCarlson said...

It is good to be happy and to "get light," as the children say. You are blessed, you are beautiful!

A Lady's Life said...

I find the best things come when you least expect them or look for them.
They come because they were meant to come because destiny had it all planned for you already before you were born.

It sorta puts you at ease when you think this way because without expectations you get what you expect. lol

Elizabeth said...

Sweety, together we sailed through some pretty big storms these last six months but now you found your place and I think it is: FANTASTIC!!!!

Enjoy each moment, you deserve every gesture of kindness and love.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you're finally HOME!
Celebrate! Enjoy your new love... summer will be fun this year!

bright star said...

Dea Zuzana, I am so happy for you. We must all go with flow.Enjoy your happiness!

Margie said...

Dear Zuzana
I feel you joy and am truly happy for you!
How wonderful that you are so peaceful and happy!
Enjoy every moment!
Life is beautiful!

Margie xo

Birdie said...

What should you take with you? Take what you like and leave the rest. ;-)

Rebecca said...

Wonderful thoughts. I am happy for you!

Jenny Woolf said...

Yes, enjoy it while it lasts - it will leave its mark on you!

Sumandebray said...

Happy to see you happy. Enjoy and make it last till eternity

A Plain Observer said...

well, I am still waiting, hoping and believing.
As to this question: "whether our wisdom is only born out of pain. And whether true learning only comes from hardship and experiences that arise solely from events that went wrong" I believe when in pain or unsettled we are more willing to express our feelings in a creative form as a way to share the pain. Once we are content, to some extent we want to keep it with us, afraid to share the dream for it might vanish.
It's not a dream, it's reality. Be happy, dear Zuzana.

Unknown said...

My favorite line from "Cinema Paradiso" is from Giovanni to the little boy, Toto. "No, Toto. Life isn't like the movies. Life is very hard". True, but also filled with opportunity and excitement. I am delighted at what you wrote here, Zuzana! lol! :)

sandstorm said...

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Lynne said...

Thanks for your comment. We purposely chose Midsummer for our wedding. It is meaningful to us.

S. Susan Deborah said...

How nice to be reading your writing, Zuzana. The happiness radiated through this post has added to my already flowing cup. Zuzana, I sincerely wish and pray that this lovely state may continue in your life giving bliss and love. I am loving this beautiful phase of your writing. Touch wood :)

Hope you've been well and happy. Missed you and your posts immensely. Glad to be back, dearest Zuzana.

Joy always,

G said...

Dear Zuzana, you look like the little mermaid sitting there! I'm so happy your ending is a much more delightful one. You deserve so much. xoxo

Mimi said...

So, so happy for you, Zuzana.
I don't know the answer to those philosphical questions, but one thing I do know is that you deserve to enjoy this happiness and contentment. Having experienced pain, loss, you are in a good position to appreciate the good times, my firend.
And your happiness shines through your writing so clearly.
Sorry i haven't been around, blogger was playing games with me.
I've a lot of catching up to do!

Zuzana said...

Rajesh, Snowbrush, Kat, Julie, Lynne, Brian, Hilary, Gail (welcome), Kath, Jill, Amanda, SDB, Amelia, Claudia, Zuzu, Jeanne, ladyfi, tony, adrielle, Dan, Donna, Alberto, Sandy, Lady, Elizabeth, Deborah, Angela, Margie, Birdie, Rebecca, Jenny, Sumandebray, Myriam, Michael, sandstorm (welcome), Susan, BPG and Mimi, - so glad my friends that I can share with you my happiness.

I have shared my sadness and sorrow with you before, thus I am delighted that nowadays peace rules my perception.

It is a period in my life that I will always remember fondly – no matter the outcome - as it has made me feel alive. It has made me believe in magic and the fact that nothing is ever final and the potential for things to change – either way - is always present.

Thank you so much for always taking the time to stop by, offering me your opinions and words of kindness. Your visits are cherished by me endlessly…


Maja Miusow said...

I wish I could be as wise as U r,and enjoy and appreciate my life instead of fighting with it.

Laura said...

I think you are right Zuzana, that growth and learning flow from struggle, and yet there is much to learn about gratitude in times of ease and serenity. Every moment offers us a gift...even when the gift is not clear to us in the moment. I'm so happy that you are feeling joy and tranquility my friend.

lilybets said...

..peace is the joy to be how and where you would to be.I know well that because now I'm living a reality that I don't love,but in the same time without to be able to change the situation.Thank a lot to have visited my blog.You are welcome.