November 27, 2010

Arctic Allure.

We have been in snow for the past four days. An arctic cold front has ventured as far down as southern Scandinavia and its grip is firm, severe and extensive. Our temperatures plummeted in midweek and we have been in subzero ever since.
Last night an extensive snowstorm passed over us and this morning I woke up to a heavy blanket of white, covering everything in sight.

November and December snow is very unusual in my part of the world, as we are positioned in southern Scandinavia, where the Gulf Stream keeps our winters temperate. Still, intense snowfall can at times occur in the beginning of the year.
Thus this year Queen Winter seems to be arriving way ahead of time. Unexpectedly and in all her icy fury, she is determined to demand her reign without mercy.

When the snow started to fall, I was trying my very best not to give into a certain kind of irritation, or almost sorrow. Usually the first snow is magical, however this year initially it came across as oppressive, annoying and tiring. It arrived simply too soon, as vivid memories of our last never ending winter still linger in my perception.

But then unexpectedly, something changed today.
Standing in my living room early this morning, I was taking in the view of our snow covered scenery, feeling the stillness reign over my surroundings. Later, after I lit the fire, I watched it flicker, listening to its crackling noise, and suddenly I felt at ease; I felt safe and comfortable. Almost happy.

As I leaned my gaze against the silvery white cover outside my windows, a certain kind of transition took place within me. Looking at the sugar coated trees and the spellbound, white landscape, while I decorated my house with red, green, silver and golden colours of Christmas, my heart could not help but feel a certain kind of joy.

Surrendering to that universal spirit of celebration, which seems to have suddenly settled over my city - while I soon light the first out of four advent candles - made me realize in no uncertain terms that the Holiday Season has truly began.
And the snow cover made this onset feel incredibly enchanting and alluring, just like it is suppose to be...


S. Susan Deborah said...

Snow already?? My goodness. Though the pictures look beautiful, I think back to your posts last year. I still remember them vividly. But the best part is that it will be Christmas soon.

I wish that the spirit of the season warms you inspite of the chill outside.

Love and joy always,

Dan said...

Hi Zuzana
We have an early snow here in the UK too, which has reached us from the north. We don't usually get much snow this side of Christmas either.
I love your post on how your thoughts change from seeing the snow as an annoyance to embracing the season, and 'decking the halls'!
Have a great weekend.

tony said...

Yes ,Your Right Zuzana.It's something around the stillness that a fresh snowfall brings.It seems to change the sound&feel of the whole house.
I got my first snow last night.I woke up to the freshness this morning.I will savour the novelty...It ,no doubt, wont last! As all the practical difficulties take over!
Have A Deep& Crisp & Even Weekend My Dear.

Unknown said...

you have me beat this year on the first snow fall. we have seen flakes but not the real deal yet. but coming soon I am sure. it is pretty when it first shows up though isn't it.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Isn't so bad my dear friend Zuzana. Snow has its beauty and charm!!

Keera Ann Fox said...

I love snow and how it hushes the world! I hope yours comes our way. It would mean an end to this unusual and unseasonal cold we're having here on the edge of the North Sea.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Dear Zuzana,
Wow! What a sight. SNOOOW.To me it's so magical.So December is Xmas time and the sure signs have arrived at your doorsteps. I like your positive mood despite them arriving too early. Well,am looking forward to more winter stories from Scandanvia and your lovely Denmark.I'm going to enjoy this. Have a nice're not alone.Bye. MOOD.

Myrna R. said...

Funny how our moods change and respond to the weather.

The pictures are lovely. Here in Southern New Mexico snow is rare, so I really appreciate the photos.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Very early indeed...but oh, so beautiful!

I hope you will be able to get out and about soon.

adrielleroyale said...

"Unexpectedly and in all her icy fury, she is determined to demand her reign without mercy." What a great description - and exactly how I view winter most of the time. How wonderful that you were able to jolt out of that depression of winter so quickly! For me, every time I go outside in the bitter cold, I am utterly reminded how much I despise this season of cold. Hopefully I will be able to be at peace with the simple fact that it is here and here to stay for many months as you have. This post has already made me feel just a bit warmer...

Anonymous said...

Lovely post - so glad you can enjoy the enchanted miracle that is snow!

Our first snow came in October, so this latest snowfall is OK... we're getting used to it. And yes, it still does seem a bit early, but so delightful in the way it lights up the darkness!

Unknown said...

pictures look beautiful

sprinkles said...

I hope you don't another winter like the last one. I really felt for you! Snow can be so pretty but I hate the bitter cold it brings with it.

We've had winter weather advisories all week long. We're supposed to get another 3" by tomorrow. I don't remember ever having this many advisories before. I've decided I'm no longer on speaking terms with the weatherman. He is not my friend. No, you shouldn't shoot the messanger but it's not like I can shoot Mother Nature! I have a feeling this is going to be one nasty winter.

I like your new picture!

Nikki (Sarah) said...

we just got a little dusting of snow pretty..I like your pictures though...beautiful.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Zuzana, your start to winter sounds like our last year! I snow early and continued to a late Spring too. Snow stayed on the ground the entire time. Craziest winter any of us can remember.

I really liked your change in attitude and enjoyment of the conditions. That is so hard for me to do some winter storms. Probably because I feel so 'trapped' at times.

Beautiful post! Keep enjoying your fireplace! I sure love mine! :-)


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

-happy sigh- Another glorious entry, here. {And here I am, saying nearly the exact same thing.} -not happy sigh- But you will understand.

So happy that the universal spirit of celebration settled in, and your spirits rose.

And btw, I love referring to Winter as Queen Winter! "Unexpectedly and in all her icy fury, she is determined to demand her reign without mercy." Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh joy! There is an "adjustment" that we make, but isn't it wonderful when we've made it? November has been mild at our house this year - only a few snows of less than an inch. I am actually looking forward to the first heavy snow! :)
Wishing you a lovely day, Zuzana!
~ Zuzu

Elizabeth said...

Spent the last two days in Risskov and yes there was VERY much snow. We were afraid that it would take a long time to get back to the isle. Luckily everything went smoothly. While we got closer to home the thick blanket of snow became a very thin sheet. Perfect from my point of view since I'm not ready to receive so much snow at my door just yet.

Your pictures are beautiful.

Have a great sunday evening.

xoxo e.

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Hi. I just found your blog. I love it. I'm following you now.

LG said...

Arctic inspiration glad you have some warmth via the fireplace to make your days pleasant...good luck, and yes, enjoy the magic, may you have a better winter this year...


Betsy Brock said...

Oh, I love snow! And that is a beautiful blanket of it! I especially like it when it sticks to the tree branches. Lovely! We haven't had but a spitting of snow. although this morning the frost was heavier and stuck on the roofs and ground. soon!

Betsy Brock said...

Your snow is just lovely! It's the pretty kind that sticks to the branches! We have only had a tiny bit of flurries so far, although the frost was heavy this morning and stuck to the ground and roofs. soon!

steviewren said...

It's beautiful! The idea of putting up the Christmas decorations while snow falls sounds like perfect timing for the holidays....Maybe you'll get all your snow early and none after Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zuzana ~

It is thanks to you that I am actually (for the FIRST TIME in a LONG time) looking forward to the first snow fall of the season. I can't thank you enough for this. I can't even begin to express how much this means to me. For years I have dreaded the first snowfall knowing that winter was finally here and here for the long haul.

But in reading your posts, and especially this one ~ I am eagerly anticipating the snow to come! I can't wait to take pictures!!

I absolutely love the ones you took - they're stunning!

I also like the new pic you posted of yourself! Nice and warm for the winter season :)

Also love the new Holiday artwork!!

Love, love LOVE it all! :)


Anonymous said...

p.s. I too have all my Holiday decorations up - this is the earliest I have had it done in a long time!!! I think I'm actually going to enough this holiday season for once!!

Anonymous said...

uh - I meant "enjoy" not "enough"... I shouldn't be commenting when I'm half asleep!!! :)

Claus said...

While beautiful, weather can makes us mad sometimes. I have found myself yelling at the rain! The rain is supposed to end in early November, but we had days of rain - strong rain! - last week, and I was feeling upset. No more of that please!, especially after 7 months of the same thing. I can understand you my friend. The snow looks lovely though. We have come to associate Christmas with snow, and putting up decorations while having this scenery outside must have given it a really nice twist.
Have a lovely day!

Zuzana said...

Susan, Dan, tony, Doreen, Philip, Keera, Mahmood, Myrna, Jill, adrielle, ladyfi, kasthurirajam (welcome), sprinkles, sarah, Coreen, Amelia, Zuzu, Elizabeth, Kimberly (welcome), LG, Betsy, Stevie, Christine and Claudia – thank you all for your lovely comments on our first snow.

Since this post, even more snow have been falling and the while country is under a heavy blanket. It is beautiful, but the roads are a bit treacherous. Now lets see if it will last for another month to give us a second consecutive White Christmas. If not, at least the 1st Advent was white - that has not happened for a while.

Thank you all so very much for your visits that always warm my heart, even in this arctic cold…


Hilary said...

As with most things.. bad or good, it's all in how you look at them. Lovely photos.

Cheryl Kohan said...

I agree with Hilary. The photos are lovely and I'm going to take a lesson from you and celebrate our snow by decorating for the season! Thank you for the nudge, Zuzana.

I hope you have a cozy and happy week.

Alberto Hugo Rojas said...

nice post.
I never saw snow
has to be beautiful

SandyCarlson said...

Your cold and snow thrill my heart. Thanks for this great post.

Hooked on Memes said...

Hi Zu:

Those photos are certainly alluring. But your writing is even better. It will be a big pleasure for me to read all your posts.

I've taken up photo-memes too.



Zuzana said...

Hilary, Cheryl, Alberto, Sandy and Christine (welcome), thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words.;))