September 05, 2011

Carefree Highway.

My former drive to work was wonderful due to two reasons; it took me by the ocean side and it was short. Upon my recent relocation, neither of the above facts remained.

I love my work endlessly and as I am not keen on introducing too many changes into my life, I decided to keep my old employment, at least initially. Thus every day, my little car takes me on a round-trip that comprises a total of some two-hundred miles and about three hours commuting. A far cry from those fifteen minutes it took me once to drive to work.

However, being an undying optimist, I am slowly adapting to my new routine of long distance driving and I actually enjoy it. Of course, there are some setbacks.
I no longer get to see the sea on every day bases, I cry every day I have to fill up the tank as I see literally money being washed down the drain. I encounter many obnoxious, ignorant drivers and I have realized that driving in heavy rain gives me the creeps. The worst of them all is nevertheless by no means the fact that I waste three hours of my day on being confided inside a car.

With all that said though, the highway that I travel on takes me through some stunning scenery and when the sun shines and the traffic is light, the ride is very pleasant.
I have only a tape deck in the car, thus for a few hours each day I revert to my teenage years as I go through a stack of old tapes, some of them made several decades ago. I keep them stashed on the backseat and each time I sit behind the wheel, I enjoy choosing a new trip through my musical past.

The ride has by now become monotone of course. Gone is the excitement of the initial days, when I sat tensed in the seat, trying to concentrate on the traffic around me, feeling so out of place on a highway early in the morning.  Now-days I recognize each turn and each exit, I know all the speed limits, the places of congestion and the traffic signs. Nevertheless, my little car almost never drove faster than 35mph for a span of ten years. Thus when I accelerate to speeds that I did not think the little Toyota was capable of, I still feel that tingling of excitement in the pit of my stomach, while the speakers convey my favourite harmonies and beats.

I do love the drive home particularly. Due to my odd working hours, I drive past the rush hour and at times the highway is empty and carefree, almost like a wide runaway for my personal use. I sip my new brewed coffee, while I let my mind wonder, digesting the events of the day, winding down slowly, while beautiful natural images pass by the windows. I watch the sun set on my left and I know that by each passing mile I am getting closer to home - and to the loving arms of my man.

Unfortunately, I know that in a couple of months, this drive will be of a quiet different kind. As we reach the end of autumn and the days will grow darker and grey, when snow and rain will be my companions and only the headlights or tail lights of passing cars my beacons, I will recollect with an occasional longing those fifteen minutes it once took me to get home.

Still, there is one thought that will keep me warm and safe through my long drive - the thought of a lit house with warmth and love inside, the one waiting for me at the destination. Indeed, once it took me only a fraction of the time to come home, but I came home to a dark and empty place, devoid of happiness and affection.

I would not go back to that ever again and would drive a thousand miles if I had to. To get back home.

(Note: All images in this post and below are taken during my beautiful drive home.)


Elizabeth said...

Good morning. As I look at the clock I know you arrived at work after another drive. It is a good thing that you love your work as much as you do because challenging times are lying ahead. Today the weather is holding fine at least here on my peninsula and I hope it will last for some days.

Drive home safely tonight.

Mimi said...

Hi Zuzana, i enjoyed reading your positive account of your drive. I know it's more pleasant driving in summer, but I do think that some of our experience is our attitude to things, and that's why I like your positive outlook. In life, things are balanced off each other, and your 15 minute commute was balanced by a lonely homecoming. Now your long drive is rewarded by love and affection at the end of it.
Good for you!

lilybets said...

Beautiful photos so gorgeus colors!A positive attitude make positive also a long drive,especially going home!

Kath said...

You have the enviable talent of finding a silver lining behind every cloud!
Happy Monday, lovely girl x

Elisabeth said...

Wow Zuzana, what dedication and determination, but it all sounds as though it's worth it.

May the pleasure of the journey endure.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. yes home makes all the difference at the end of the drive is my dump time, getting rid of all the things i dont need and will only get in the way when i get home of fully appreciating it...

Gail said...

Sometimes you have to trade up and sounds like you have!

Julie Hibbard said...

As usual, your photographs and sentiments are so beautiful. How very lucky you are to come home to someone you love.
Drive Carefully!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes, with coming to terms with the not-so-pleasant aspects of your beautiful new life...

Like all of life, there are the pluses and the minuses...

adrielleroyale said...

Oh my goodness, I could not bear to be confined in the car for that long every day! I have a hard enough time as it is with my 45 minute commute each way! That said, you are a different kind of marvel :) You are wonderful at being able to chose to see the better side of everything! :) Blessings!!

Betsy Brock said...

I used to have a long commute when I worked full time. There are pros and cons, that is true. But you do settle into a routine and make the best of it. I remember one good thing was that on the way home, you had time to unwind and relax before you arrived. And of course, nothing beats having love waiting for you when you get home! That's the sweetest of all!

Unknown said...

You are good at making the best of things and yes, love at home makes all the difference.
When we first bought this place, I was still on active duty and stationed 4 hours away. I rented a small place and came home on the weekends. My family at the door made the drive oh so worth it.
I mixed my music with books on tape. I love to read and they allowed me to enjoy stories while I drove.

P.N. Subramanian said...

I loved your post and the pictures taken during the drive. Driving back home in anticipation of some one waiting for you is something every one would cherish.
Incidentally I do write in English as well, here it is:

Radka said...

Ahojky Zuzko, děkuji ti za milý komentář. Já ted nic nestíhám. Matýsek už chodí do mateřské školky. V srpnu mu byli tři roky. Doplnila jsem pár fotek na blog. Poslední dobu jsem blog hodně zanedbávala. Později doplním ještě další fotky. A jak pak se máš ty?? Jaké pak počasí máte v Dánsku?? Ahoj Radka a Matýsek :)).

Radka said...

Ahojky Zuzko, děkuji ti za milý komentář. Já ted nic nestíhám. Matýsek už chodí do mateřské školky. V srpnu mu byli tři roky. Doplnila jsem pár fotek na blog. Poslední dobu jsem blog hodně zanedbávala. Později doplním ještě další fotky. A jak pak se máš ty?? Jaké pak počasí máte v Dánsku?? Ahoj Radka a Matýsek :)).

Anonymous said...

What wonderful colours in these shots- so poetic!

I can't imagine driving for that long every day, but like all things, you get used to it and you have a great home to come back to!

steviewren said...

The sky and clouds in the last photo is amazing. It looks like you can see forever.

As to the long drive, maybe you could get an old-fashioned CD adapter for the car and listen to books on CD on the drive. I know it makes my 45 minute commute both ways ever so much more enjoyable.

I'm so happy that you have such love and joy to look forward to when you arrive home now! God has blessed you richly!

A Lady's Life said...

great shots! We used to drive two and a half hours for soccer and they became second nature. nothing to speak of but now what we thought were long drives before, seem short by comparison lol

bright star said...

It must be a bit tiring but you are making the best of it.I hope in time you find a job nearer to your new home.More time with the lovely man!!

Sumandebray said...

As I read through your post today one Bryan Adams song came to my mind....

"Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for.
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for.
You know it's true.
Everything I do, I do it for you."

Alberto Hugo Rojas said...

always wonderful
I love your
and photos

sprinkles said...

Wow, I only drive half that to school and back and am always exhausted. I can't imagine what it must be like for you.

S. Susan Deborah said...

When home is on the mind and heart, the journey becomes beautiful and lovely.

Joy always,

Unknown said...

Wow! I have never heard of such a long commute!! The music is good for the soul too!!

Rajesh said...

That is a quiet a long drive. I am sure everyday you will find something new to keep the excitement.

Dan said...

That's a heck of a commute Zuzana! I loved your description of driving a new route at new speeds!
It's great listening to all of your favourite tunes in the car. At least when you get the dark nights of winter you can sing along really loudly without anyone seeing!

Donna said...

Love your positive outlook, Zuzana.


Amanda Summer said...

i too love to drive, zuzana. i've just driven on two long roads trips recently and i always enjoy listening to the songs i used to love when i was younger and also books on tape.

however, i don't know if i could do what you are doing every day! i admire your attitude - you truly do focus on the positive. the thought of driving home to a warm and cozy home is certainly one to keep you focused on the things that truly matter.

sending love and blessings for a beautiful day.



SandyCarlson said...

Some of these trades are tough. I hear you. Not seeing the beach every day? I share that heartache.

Your post about driving has me thinking of one of the trades I enjoy in this arena: recorded books. Sometimes it's just nice to be read to! The road offers some peace that way.

Be well, beautiful lady.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Zuzana,

It was lovely to discover your blog and to see your beautiful part of the world.
Glad that you can listen to music and see the gorgeous scenery on your trip to work and home.

Have a happy week

Unknown said...

Love your blog. You pictures are gorgeous.

I’m following you now.


would love to hear more about life in Denmark!

Ash said...

You are such a gifted writer, dear Zuzana. And I LOVE your photos!

Anonymous said...

A very long drive! Be safe my friend.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Your title had me humming Gordon Lightfoot's "Carefree Highway".

Thanks for letting us participate in your new journeys as you figure out your new life. :-)