March 05, 2009

Fashion Crises.

This morning I was having a fashion crisis. I have those once in while. I think it just exposes me for the shallow and self centered woman I really am.

I have no one to take care of but myself (and Batcat of course, but he is so independent, it doesn't really count), and I still manage to have some problems with that. My fashion crisis starts of with thoughts that enter my head upon awakening in the morning; what will I wear to work today? And nothing comes up. I am completely blank. No image in my head of any of the clothes that I own seems suitable. I keep thinking about this throughout my morning exercise routine and my beauty routine (that hour in the bathroom), but still - nothing.

Finally I stand in my bathrobe in front of my closet that is filled with TONS of clothes and exclaim the one sentence that almost every woman recognizes; "I have NOTHING to wear!" And immediately I start thinking that I need to go on another shopping spree.
Well, nothing I see in my closet fits. Either the colours are not right; too dark, too light, or the style doesn't fit; too loose or too tight! Or the fabric is too thin, or too heavy.
I end up being late for work and my whole morning is completely off as I try frantically things on and toss them in a heap in the corner of my bedroom.

I behave like a true teenager, I am ashamed to say. I guess some things never change.


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Of course, the experts tell us, Z, that we should have our clothes put out the night before, to save all the shenanigans first thing in the morning...

Would it be too much of a confessional to let you know that I have set off for work a few times in the morning, only to go and buy a new blouse, or something on my way in, because I have had a real crisis over what I put on?!

So I am with you 110% on your clothes crises! Did you know that there is apparently a 60/40 rule, that is women generally wear 40% of their clothes 60% of the time?

steviewren said...

I wore a sweater set to work yesterday and hated it all day! I was so glad when work was over so I could go home and take it off! So yes, I do the same thing.

Gal Friday said...

I sometimes have the same sort of "crisis"--usually at a time of year like this which is a transition time from one season to another. Since it is still wintry here, I haven't had that feeling yet where I am sick to death of dark, tweedy, woolly things and want something new and spring-like.
Sad to say, I usually pull whatever out of drawers and off hangers in five minutes because I am often running late in the morning, but have it down to a well-timed science and can put together a matching outfit with just the right accessories.
And I don't think it is "shallow" or "self centered" as you say, to want to express oneself through clothing and how you look. It is part of you are, obviously, and you want to look and feel good. I hope whatever it was you pulled on to wear today is making you feel beautiful, and I am sure you look beautiful, too.

Hilary said...

My clothing crisis happens when I have somewhere dressy to go. I work from home and am in very casual clothes almost all of the time. So when some event comes up, I'm never prepared. I go into panic mode until I find something suitable. Otherwise I have a few standard combos that get me through the rest of my life. ;)


This makes me want to organize my closet again!! I love the compartments. Being a big baby rocks, we get our way, and have fun while doing so!! haha =]

thanks, dear<3

Holly said...

I don't think that you are self centered at all, but you are most definately a woman!! Dare I say that none of us ever out grow this "teenager" type temper tantrum when we can't place together the perfect outfit.
I changed my outfit 3 times yesterday morning just to have lunch with some friends.

I know that the experts tell us to put out our clothes the night before, but my moods change so quickly that by the next day I don't want to wear that outfit. Oh to be a woman!! So many emotions, soo little time. ;) Thankyou!! This was very enjoyable!

j. said...

Hi hi! Glad you are okay with me sending you the earrings.. now, all I need is your p.o. box.. :-)

Anyway, I get that way every single day.. well at least I used to.. Ive worked out a uniform.. sort of.. so that I wont ever end up thinking Ive nothing to wear. hehe.. although-- I still get that every now and then. lol.



sallymandy said...

Oh, dear! You are so not selfish or shallow. I agree with Gal Friday. Transitions shake us up and make us want something new.

It helps me so much to have one or two fallback outfits for those days. Usually something really basic and then accessories I can't go wrong with. I had one of those days today, Protege. You're not alone!

I have never laid out my clothes the night before.

Zuzana said...

I love that you actually went to buy clothes on the way to work! Simply LOVE it.;) I have felt that way many times.;)
And I did not know about the 40/60 rule, great.;)

glad you share my sentiments. Isn't it strange how the wrong clothes item can effect the whole day.;)) I so recognize this.;))

I sometimes do "think" about what to wear the night before, but I have to really decide first on the actual day. As my mood might have changed from the previous day.;)) I agree with you on the seasonal fashion crises though, I have those as well.;))

sometimes I wish I worked from home. At least occasionally. Although I might have trouble motivating myself.;) But I would safe a lot of money on clothes!;))

did you mean seeing my messy wardrobe makes you want to organize yours.:P LOL;))
Yes, please just keep your childish spirit, it makes your place so fresh and cool.;))

you speak my language! Changing my outfit when going out, even for lunch with friends sounds VERY familiar to me.;)) And I agree with you, there is no way I can completely decide what to wear the previous day.;))
Glad you enjoyed this post, I was laughing when writing it.;))

again, I am very flattered, I will send you my information shortly.;))
Maybe I should work out a uniform as well; better yet, I wish we wore uniforms to work. We almost do, but only a lab coat unfortunately.;))

you made my morning! Glad I am not selfish, nor shallow. And most of all; that I am not alone in my fashion crises.;)))

Melanie Gillispie said...

I recognize this! It's so hard to be a girl!

Zuzana said...

yes, isn't it? All the troubles we face just to dress ourselves for the day.;)

Noelle Chantal said...

Protege, I was like that before! Always getting crazy, thinking of what to wear for the day! So, I ended up planning my whole outfit for the whole week! That means hanging my outfits for Mondays to Saturdays in my closet. Now, I don't have to worry about what to wear for the day and the next day and for week! hehe

Better try it too! Def less worries! :)

Zuzana said...

I am impressed - there is no way I can decide what to wear for the whole week! I am a control freak, but fashion wise I need to "feel" what to wear. And that might change on a whim, every day, depending on my mood and the ever unpredictable Scandinavian weather.;))

Hazel Designs said...

HA - happens to me all the time! :) Especially in the winter, when I run out of things to wear and become so sick of my winter clothes.

Zuzana said...

I am happy to find yet another kindred spirit when it comes to have "nothing to wear".;)))