February 28, 2013

Sneak Previews.

Views during my current drive
We are about to enter the first spring month, yet I have absolutely no idea what happened to February. It came and went.
As it slowly concludes this week, the sense of spring hangs unmistakably in the air.
Winter is far from done, still I love those covert sneak previews of what is yet to come.

The first thing I noticed as I set out on my long daily commute this past Monday, after almost fourteen days break - was the increase in light.
Our day has gained over three hours since the winter-solstice, a fact that can clearly be perceived during my drive. It's onset is by now undertaken no longer under the veil of darkens, but with views of breathtaking sunsets, which slowly grow into rainbow coloured skies, turning only to dusk as I arrive at my destination. Additionally, this past week the evening twilight was dispersed by an alluring full moon rise and the silver disc accompanied me all the way home, illuminating the road with its platinum shine.

Detail from our Garden
I love this time of the year, when a certain awakening is about to commence and a hidden joy rises in nature.
This spring once again, a novel environment awaits to make my acquaintance. The garden of our new home is currently tranquil and it comes across as an undiscovered treasure. Having had to leave it almost immediately after our move, it took me almost two weeks before I actually stepped out onto the lawn and took a walk around our house.

As I did so, momentarily I recollected my father, many years back, as he walked out barefoot onto the small yard of my parents first house, in midwinter, just to feel the ground beneath his feet. I recall he was overwhelmed by the feeling of ownership.
I felt the same giddy feeling and additionally I felt as I was about to walk into a secret, locked room, only it was on the outside. Walking about, I rediscovered my old pots left on the side of the house by the movers, surveyed the empty greenhouse, the shed and the multitude of bushes, shrubs and trees I yet have to name. Coming full circle into our garage, where my husband was sorting through the many boxes still waiting to be unpacked, I had to share with him my first impressions after surveying our property. He smiled and put his arm around my shoulders, looking at me with those hypnotic grey-blue eyes that always seem to disarm me. "This will be good..." he said as he kissed me and I felt happiness envelop me like a warm blanket.

The Garage
I love him endlessly and forever.
I love him despite the fact that the last three weeks saw us arguing more then during the whole time we have known each other. Being pushed to our limits, first with an endless move followed by a vacation that was anything but relaxing, we met each others dark sides, those that crawl out of the woodwork when going gets tough. It truly put our affection for each other to the test, but overall I think we passed with flying colours. Being able to laugh and joke about our disputes after they have passed and realizing that the best place to fall asleep is still in each other arms, we know we are exactly where we are suppose to be.

Giving you a sneak preview of my new home, I can conclude that it often reminds me of my old white house on the hill. It lacks the stunning views, yet I find myself smiling constantly as I come across something that brings back memories of my past residence. Even the kitchen sink is identical.
Just as much as I loved my white house, I am in love with our new house and I will only grow to love it more with time.
I love that it feels like our home. I love the way we spend our days trying to decorate the space slowly and respectfully, combining our belongings, making them fit together. Surprisingly, they do fit very well.
I love the vaulted ceilings, large windows and open rooms, which are nevertheless designed to create cozy and intimate spots, such as around the wood burning stove, gathering a family together. I relish in the luxurious inventory, the large walk in closet, the combined pantry - wine cellar, the modern materials and the privilege of two large bathrooms, having no longer a need to rise an hour earlier to enjoy a morning bath.

Old pot in the greenhouse
I have waited a long time, much longer than most people do, to experience certain golden, defying moments in life. Instead, they all happened quickly, leaving me a bit bewildered at times.
In a very short time span I found the love of my life and relocated, very soon thereafter I became a wife and a step mom, a landlord, a property owner and furthermore, I am about to change employment.

While I have enjoyed this roller-coaster ride, at times I am almost waiting to exhale, exhausted and tired, holding my breath, bracing myself for all that is still ahead.
But I guess that is life and as I learn to roll with the punches, passing the points of no return, there is a certain exhilaration in all this accomplishment.
There is a sense of being alive.


Brian Miller said...

smiles...relish that feeling zu...it does not surprise me either on the fighting...when people are passionate it happens...but no more so am i surprised that you know where it is best to be...your new house sounds cool...cant wait to see even more of it....

Kath said...

its all so exciting! I love how happy you are. Knowing you, has been like reading the most enthralling book xx

Catherine said...

So many changes, Zuzana but you are coping so well. Enjoy your lovely new home and I do hope the new job is closer.

I found moving in with my partner was a huge challenge and we also argued - it is also such a stressful time but, with love, all can be overcome and it all settles down in time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your new house sounds so lovely! Here's hoping the stress of moving will disappear and you'll be able to relax!

Unknown said...

how exciting and I am happy for you.

Myrna R. said...

I love how you write about the climate, and your life. You are so alive. I'm glad you don't take the disputes caused by stress too seriously. They just punctuate our human nature, and enrich our relationships because we learn to accept and tolerate the other. You sound happy Zuzana. I'm happy for you.

Keera Ann Fox said...

And after you switch jobs, you still have one change left: Your hair color. ;-)

I hope you are very happy in your new home, Zuzana!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos you have here! I'm happy to hear you are settling in to your new home. Decorating is do much fun and it makes it your own. Enjoy!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Sweety, you are such a gem and I'm over the moon that you finally found a place to lay your hat (paul young). That husband of yours is one lucky guy!!!!

Have fun my dear and I'll talk to you soon.

Unknown said...

Zuzana: My first comment didn't go through. But just wanted to say what a beautiful home, and what an exciting new adventure that awaits you. I'm very happy for you! xoxo :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Zuzana,

Love how that you are in a new chapter of your life and many exciting things ahead. Your new home looks gorgeous and wishing you all the best with settling in and for your new job.
While you are looking forward to Spring, here won't be long and it will be autumn.

Happy weekend

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I love such excitement, life and love. Yes this is a great time for you and the arguments are just that. Little perks of marriage which make forgiveness so much the better.

Love conquers all as they say. :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Spring time is indeed the best one! Your new home is lovely, Zuzana

Mimi said...

love your front door, so welcoming!
I too love the onset of spring, that promise of longer days is enticing!
And i'm delighted that even though you fought and argued, you still find each other's arms at the end of each day, that is so good.

SandyCarlson said...

You live the passionate life, that's for certain! Your new home looks beautiful. I wish you the best there.

Enjoy the light!

S. Susan Deborah said...

First off, congratulations and best wishes on the new property. Knowing you through your posts has been a wonderful journey for us with you.
I smile when I read about the fights for we have many such fights and the reconciliation that follows is quite sweet.

I wish you the best for everything and sending you big hugs and much love.

Joy always,

bright star said...

Well Zuzana the best relationships are the ones where a little bickering is a safety valve. Moving is great but also stressful and I defy anyone to say that they have not had a few sparks fly ! I hope you will be happier in your new job,less travel I hope.Love to you both x Angela

Hilary said...

I smiled to see some of your familiar items which made their way into your new home. I wish you both much happiness there. Looking forward to seeing more of 8!

Donna said...

What a lovely time for you, Zuzana. Spring awaits, and I know you will enjoy your garden. Your new house is going to be a place of many beautiful memories. Enjoy every minute of moving in and making it a home.


Amanda Summer said...

you are in the midst of a great deal of change, zuzana, and you are wearing it gracefully and with a sense of calm. i admire your honesty about the dark side of relationships - but i'm a big believer that if you can navigate through those you develop an even greater stability and foundation to your connection.

blessings to you as your journey continues - and so happy that it is daily being filled with more light!


p.s. like your father i love that feeling of the earth under my feet.

Rajesh said...

Your new home looks great. It takes time to settle down. Wish you all the best.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Oh the stresses of MOVING will most certainly bring out the worst in all of us! Your new home sounds wonderful and the greenhouse? OH MY! How exciting!!!
Best wishes as you settle in and make it your VERY OWN cozy love nest!