August 09, 2010

Love And Friendship.

Those two are necessary in order for us to lead healthy, content lives. They are two distinctive terms, but are somewhat intertwined as love is such a universal term and can not exist without friendship. Or the other way around. Our need to be in the company of people that love us and care for us deeply is just as vital as food, water and the air we breathe.

Just the other day I read about the importance of not feeling lonely or alone. In fact, if we do not choose loneliness voluntarily, the impact of it can be as destructive to our overall health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, shortening our life span by decades. In the modern western world, where a large fraction of the population lives alone, loneliness is becoming ever so palpable problem in our society.

The people that love me are spread all over Europe and at times I indeed feel alone. What I would not give to be able to meet them on daily bases, instead of being confined to mails, postcards, letters and online communication. Solitude, although a welcomed friend, can nevertheless feel impeding occasionally.

However, even though I miss true friendship constantly, the world of blogging has managed to fill in this lack of daily companionship. All of you that stop by here regularly have become my very good friends. I have never met you in person, but your candid concern, your interest in me and your attention and kindness has given rise to numerous friendships, so genuine and lovely that they can be easily compared to friendships one would strike in real life.
And for that I am thankful to all of you.

On the same note l would like to share with you the joy that I felt over a small package that arrived on my doorstep the other day. My lovely blog friend Claudia, the most kind and generous girl that lives on the opposite side of the globe in Guatemala, took the time and effort to send me a birthday gift. I lack words to describe the surprise when the postman brought me this unexpected package. Carefully packed in an embroidered pouch I found a handmade necklace, one that made my heart skip a beat.
Thank you dear Claudia - thank you for reinforcing my belief in the goodness of people. You are a treasure dear friend.

Finally I would like to wish you all a splendid August as I am looking forward to enjoy some weeks away from the online life, traveling and experiencing adventures with those I love.
These are my moments of happiness and I intend to savor them fully, as they are always so very fleeting and so elusive in my life.

And perhaps, this is what happiness is in life itself - elusive and fleeting moments...


S. Susan Deborah said...

Dear dear Zuzana:

First off: A lovely year ahead full of blessings and love. I liked this post for I also share some of your thoughts. The blogging community is indeed a wonderful one. Sometimes when I do feel a little under the weather, I visit pages and read the comments. I feel much better. Zuzana, I am so glad to have met you through this medium and I am filled with gratitude for your encouraging comments and insights. You have made my stay here quite splendid.

I wish you a lovely time with you Irish man and batcat. You are a nice person and once again I am so happy to have known you.

If the universe wills, I am sure we will meet and share some 'girl gossip' over dinner and tea.

Much love and big hugs,

Elizabeth said...

Hej Zuzana,

We meet everyday on the net for a long time already and each day we look forward to hearing from each other. You encourage me with your kindness each day and I hope we will meet soon since you are almost the nearest blogging-neighbour.

Have a great time with your Irishman, enjoy your time in Austria with your little niece and we talk again when you are back in the white house on the hill.

xoxo ELizabeth

Nessa said...

Happy belated Birthday. The gift you received is so wonderful.

The statistics about loneliness are stunning.

Enjoy your time with your fella.

Brian Miller said...

i hope you have a great time with your irishman and make many fond memories to keep you until the next time. firendship and love we all need those connections. they add the textures to life around us...and those friendships i have made in the blog worls are included zuzana...i look forward to your return...

Anonymous said...

Perfect friendships... not always people you see daily, but the people that hold YOU in their heart the same as you do them. No oceans or borders can stop that.

The gift Claudia sent you looks perfect. It's a gift that would catch my eye if I were out shopping when we lived in Arizona.


A Bit of the Blarney said...

Well said. I too miss friends I wish I could converse with on a daily basis! Have a wonderful time and dare I say a belated happy birthday! Cathy

Maria said...

Hi Zuzana, I'm sorry, I seem to have missed your birthday. I do wish you a wonderful next year with all my best wishes for love and happiness. I hope you'll have a lovely time with 'himself' when he arrives and that you'll have a super time together. You seem to live quite a nice life but I think that the two of you should definitely think of getting together. My years of separation from my beloved did indeed conclude in our getting married and starting a new life.

Of all my blogging friends you are one of the ones who I strongly feel I will meet someday - perhaps the two of you might travel over to n. India sometime? Failing that, maybe we'll meet in Ireland - you have a strong connection there, as I have - so who knows?

Many happy returns of your birthday Zuzana - that gift looks like it was created for you!

Sandy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Zuzana! Love and friendship...we can't live without either. I, too, live apart from my loved ones (except my sweet hubby) and friends. I miss them everyday and wish I could just call them up and meet for coffee. We debated moving closer to our brothers when we retired but decided at this stage we were so settled and happy in our present home to stay where we were. Maybe when we need to downsize we can look at that option again. The blogging world is wonderful..I can reach out to so many "friends" such as yourself. While traveling in Alaska I was lucky to met in person a blogging friend who retired here with her hubby. That was great fun. Enjoy your vacation with your Irishman. I'm glad to hear that he is back and you will be together. We head to Haines, AK tomorrow for a week than we get on the ferry to the state of Washington. Our trip of a lifetime is going by so quickly. It is such a delight to have all this time to travel and not have to be back at "work". Best wishes for a great year!

Anonymous said...

Zuzana, this was touching, and such a fine gift from your friend Claudia! It's the kind of thing that makes one believe in people and the power of love all over again, isn't it. I hope you have a fantastic, peace filled time with your special man. :)

Avo said...

Happy unbirthday!
I find that friendship is another form of love. Separating them makes situations that baffle me possible. People claiming to be in love with other people they don't actually like and couldn't be friends with.

I hope you have a lovely time with your friend and lover. Cheers Zuzana. : j

Anonymous said...

I like to gather those moments together in my memory - and suddenly, I feel great love and happiness!
Enjoy your time collecting new moments with your favorite man from Ireland, sweet Zuzana!

Keith said...

Having loved ones (whether family or friends) in our lives, whether they live near us or afar, is so very important. I know that it means a lot in my life.

Sukanya said...

Hi Zuzana,

A lovely post as usual from you. I love visiting your pages and am indeed glad to have known you. Thanks to the blogland, I should say :) And it was really sweet of Claudia to have sent you such a cute birthday gift. Birthdays are really special and surprises like this makes it even more special.

Have a wonderful year ahead Zuzana :)


Rebecca said...

Zuzana, what a beautiful and moving post. Everything you say here is so very true. Blogging friend are so special and I can't imagine life without them.

Happy belated b-day to you and enjoy every minute with that wonderful Irishman you've been so blessed with.


Blogaire said...

Belated happy birthday also Zuzana. Enjoy your vacation with the Irishman, have a wonderful, wonderful time together.

Julie Hibbard said...

Have a lovely week, dear friend! I look forward to the day you are sitting on my back porch with a glass of wine! Til then, I will enjoy our blog friendship!

steviewren said...

Claudia is a truly a special person to do such a thoughtful kind act. Like you, I feel as though I know the bloggers that I visit regularly. I find myself thinking about their joys and problems just as I am concerned and involved in my real-time friends lives. I'm sending you wishes for a perfect holiday with your Irishman.

Kath said...

Hello Zuzana, my lovely. How I value our on-line communication, our visits and our friendship and all your kind words. From the start I felt we had a lot in common and now, it seems there will soon be another connection between us, as I will be living in a white house on a hill, just like you xx

Holly said...

The crazy thing to me is that you talk about how much you are greatful for your on line friends and the way they fill your life. But, dear Z, you don't even begin to realize how you fill their lives. Mine included. Your insight and friendship is like one piece of a puzzle in my life and without it that puzzle has an empty hole. You are loved and appreciated more then you know.

Happy belated birthday! xoxo -Holly

sprinkles said...

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Zuzana, Happy Birthday To You!

I had no idea you had a birthday recently! Today is my brother's and a friend's birthday. And yesterday was another friend's birthday.

I feel more lonely since I'm not working than I think I ever did before. That's part of why I decided to start volunteering.

I hope you have a wonderful visit with The Irishman! Maybe this time you can post a picture of his whole face?!

Rajesh said...

Friendship is most essential. The blogging world has definitely helped us to earn many friends from distant corners.

NENSA MOON said...

Hi Zuzana,
Happy belated birthday to you.
It's such a surprised and a touched gift from your friend Claudia... congrats, zuzana!
Enjoy your wonderful time with your Irishman!!

hugs, nensa

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

This post warms my heart! I am SO excited for you as you anticipate a long holiday with The Irishman! You will most certainly be missed but we will be waiting upon your return!


Claus said...

There is nothing better in this world than seeing a dear and close person happy. I'm delighted that there will be weeks ahead of you of that special something, that feeling in your stomach, that one often wishes would never end. But because they are not a daily event, it is why they are treasured and valuable. Enjoy each and every second my friend! You know how special our friendship is to me, and how unbelievable lucky I feel to have found in the often untrusty online world such a true and honest, wonderful person.
have great days ahead!!

Sumandebray said...

blessed are those who have friends and those who can make friends.
Most sacred of all is to respect friendship

Sharon Lovejoy said...

My dear Zuzana,

You said it perfectly. And we DO need friendship and love. That is why I think that co-housing is such a good and viable alternative for folks who wish to be in the company of other like-hearted souls.

Interesting about the medical facts and the smoking information. YIKES.

Belated, but heartfelt happy birthday greetings. Have a joyful August filled with love and adventures.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hi Zuzana!
I love your words abut love and friendship. "C" just posted about how we still belong to "tribes" and yes, I feel we in the blogging community have created our own tribes of like minded souls. Hope the year ahead is filled with much happiness and blessings for you. Glad you get to spend time with the one you love! What a lovely gift you received from Claudia--that necklace is amazing!


Anonymous said...
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Mimi said...

Dear Zuzana,
Belated Happy Birthday. I hope this year is full to the brim with beautiful blessings for you.
As you know, I share your feelings about separation from loved ones, though I'm not as isolated from so many as you are.
Blogland is a great connection to new people.
Have a wonderful holiday with the Irishman- have lots of fun!

Calli said...

I too feel such an amazing and lovely sense of community here. I have met so many dear friends to include you, Zuzana. One of the most lovely of all. Your posts are always so genuine and love-filled. Anyone can see how much you treasure life and living.

Yes, by God, do enjoy your Irishman and yes, create new memories to treasure. I am SO excited for you!!!

much love~xxoo

United Studies said...

What a lovely necklace!

I am so glad I stumbled on your blog, though I can't remember how I found it!

I too treasure my online friends, it does make life more interesting to *meet* people online. Especially considering that without the Internet and blogging, I would have never met so many interesting people around the world.

United Studies said...

I forgot to say...enjoy your time with your handsome Irishman!

tony said...

Hi Zuzana,Have A Fine August Break.Yes, Other People Are an Important Part Of Life. We Meet Ourself In Others,I Believe.
Happy Trails! & Speak Soon .X.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Happy birthday my dear friend. Indeed the internet is amazing. In the old days of penpal writing (1960's)I had a friend in Germany and one in Holland whom I wrote regularly and the arrival of letters and photos from them made me very happy. But today with the internet my friendship with you is so very much enriched and empowered because we can get in touch so quickly and with very little cost. Even though you are in Denmark and we are here in Borneo I feel we have a lot of universal things to share - love and friendship as you have said here do make people connected and content with their lives. I guess if you love others, your love is also contained in their hearts. Keep on loving!!

Paul C said...

Sounds like cherished opportunities and experiences of companionship await. All the best.

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Dearest Zuzana,

I'm so sorry it took me such a long time to stop by on your lovely blog. I was slowing down with blog updates for the summer and I haven't stopped by on my favorite blogs as well...

It was so nice to take a little break, to be honest...but I greatly missed your posts and "virtual" companion :-)

First I wanna wish you a Very Happy Birthday even if I'm awfully late with this...

Second I want you to know that I'm so happy you're spending time with your Irish man...enjoy every minute of it...and have a fantastic time.

I spent lots of time without my Norwegian man lately and I truly miss him...

I'm still on my summer schedule with my blog until the end of August...but we keep in touch dear and see you around.

Much love to you!

Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you!! My birthday is in August also. (already had it) enjoy your precious time with your special love.

Awais said...

Great post!!!! and these two are the real relationship that i love
this is my first visit to your blog its nice to see a real blogger

Beverlydru said...

I am delighted to know you are enjoying a few weeks with your Irishman.

I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts about the friendships formed in blogging. In working from home in a rural location, I've found blogging has filled the longing I had for unhurried converstation with a friend over a cup of coffee or tea or lemonade... as the seasons change.

I love your views, your thougts and enjoy your music too!
Happy Belated Birthday!

Scented Leaf said...

I'm glad I find your blog. You are so right, in today's world we are throw away like leaves in the wind. Hope your birthday was a simple celebration with a gathering of real friends. Happy birthday!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Have a wonderful time with your Irishman dear Zuzana and a very happy belated birthday! I just want to say that I so value our on-line friendship, the connection feels very real even though we have never met:-) Thank you for your friendship and for sharing your life and memories with us.


NENSA MOON said...

Hi Zuzana,
how are you doing?? Long time no up-dated...?!
Just wanna make sure you're doing OK...

all the best to you!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

have a smooth sailings.
take good care.
Happy Belated Birthday!

Radka said...

Ahoj, máš u mě na blogu ocenění.

sprinkles said...

Tag, you're it! Please swing by my blog for details.

I hope you're enjoying your time with the Irishman. Miss you!

steviewren said...

Just dropped by to check and see if you are back yet. I imagine that you and your Irishman are still wandering along some tiny mountain trails or maybe you are lying in the sun on some sunny beach, or perhaps you are watching people dancing on the piazza below your hotel balcony. Wherever you are, enjoy every minute.

Laura said...

Dear Zuzana,
I wrote a post about the magical ebridge that blogging has become for me 2 posts's amazing how connections online can truly ease loneliness and open our hearts to friendships. I'm sorry I've not been by to visit for a while. Now that my girls will be back in school next week I'll have more time to drop by. I hope you are having a marvelous time with your dear Irishman.

Hilary said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time with your Mister O'Wonderful! ;)

Jerry said...

Way back in my awkward youth I hit upon a line to break the ice on first dates. Attempting to sound wise beyond my years, I would say something like, "Are you as lonely as you seem?" My notion was that every one is lonely to some extent and this was an opening into her inner self.

Is the young lass said, "No, I'm not lonely at all." I would simply say, "Your eyes betray you."

Silly games. But age has taught me that to mitigate the loneliness that I might feel at times, I had to learn to accept myself and learn to share.

Your post was meaningful to me.

Unknown said...

Zuzana: Happy Belated Birthday and glad to hear that you are looking forward to celebrating many upcoming visits and events! lol! : )

Zuzana said...

Thank you so much everyone for your very kind words and thoughtful opinions about friendship and connection between people online.
I so appreciate that you took the time to stop by.
Your lovely comments are always the highlight of my days; it is good to be back.